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  • I've just seen the screenshots (yes, I know, I'm late), and the really good shivers down my spine have officially turned into tingles and sparks. This isn't what I wanted to say, but if I said what I want to say, I'd be banned. Also, I see from the screenshots that Sam doesn't particularly overweight at all, despite the hints in his notepad. I'm officially in need of those meetings.

    Ps. Does anyone have a fan? And a hankerchief to dry up the drool? I'm ruining my keyboard...
  • Well, that's one pissed off detective, for sure! I can hardly wait to get the game, and find some molemen - I have a message for them :mad:
  • I would love having a bullet time for shopping.
  • That's one mean dog :D

    Do you think this game will be played without max?
  • Flah;322893 said:
    I never thought I'd see the day when Sam actually gets angry. I've to pick up that lamp post so many times that my finger was sore and all he did was whimper.
    If you do it while Max is stuck in the Gator Golf thing, he will get angry instead of crying.
  • SillyStell;322618 said:
    Is it just me or does the one with Max over his shoulder need an explosion in the background?
    I originally did the explosion as a joke but now I made it into a wallpaper :D

  • Omegabegin;322720 said:
    Judging by the voice sample we were given of Angry!Sam back in 301 (courtesy of Future Vision) coupled with these screenshots, I have to say that this is going to be full of badass and awesome.

    ...Er, where do I sign up for the "this is disturbingly attractive" club?
    How did you get that vision?
  • Cardcaptor Stacey;323317 said:
    I originally did the explosion as a joke but now I made it into a wallpaper :D

    YES! Someone heard my plea :D
    Awesome work man!
  • These screenshots looks excellent, I hope the episode has a 'film noir' feel. I've been hoping for such an episode for ages.
  • Oh My!! One of the few times we actually see Sam...WITHOUT HIS JACKET!? And the angry look on Sam's face... Uh Oh.... looks like someone gave Sam a Pink-belly! Now they are gonna get it. Oh I can't wait to see it in action!
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