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Ep 2-6 won't run

posted by Chuckson on - last edited - Viewed by 515 users
I downloaded and installed all the episodes, finished playing the 1st one and clicked the episode 2 icon and the hourglass pointer comes on like it is going to load and then after a half a minute nothing. I open task manager and it says it is running. I have turned off zone alarm and any unnecessary start-ups.

I have a p4 3.06, ATI X850XL, a gig of ram.
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    Have you disabled DEP? Which OS are you running?
  • If you haven't got this figured out, could you please email [email][/email] about the problem?

    There's another version of the episodes I might have you try to see if the same thing happens.

    Also - this is consistent with episodes 2-6? The exact same thing happens with all of them?
  • This is consistent with 2-6, I am running XP home, latest patches. I will try omegadrivers latest for my ati 850xl
  • Thanks, tell us if they help.
  • Omega drivers didn't help.
  • I'd like to try sending you an alternate version of one of the episodes to see if you have better luck with that. I will try to send you a PM tomorrow when I'm back in the office with more information.
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