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Quick question about two orders

posted by Junaid on - last edited - Viewed by 126 users
So a couple of weeks ago, I ordered just about everything from the store, only I did it on two seperate days which means I've got two orders now

I wanted to ask if you can send them both at the same time? That way, I don't have to pay twice at the door :D

I hope you can help me!
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  • That is quite a tough one..

    1. Didn't you pay for shipping when you ordered it? other than import taxes (assuming this is relevant for you), you shouldn't pay anything more... And afaik import taxes don't change that much if you pay seperately. (correct me if I'm wrong)
    2. As far as I know this is impossible. I could be wrong of course...

    If you haven't already, email [email][/email] and hope for the best.
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    NeatNit is right. The Telltale store does not allow for two orders to be merged and as far as I know, customer service is not able to either.
    However, what they might be able to do is cancel both orders, so that you can place one new single order with everything in it (which I would only suggest if whatever deal you took advantage of when you placed your original orders is still valid).
    So, as NeatNit suggests, your best option is definitely to e-mail [email][/email].
    Veel geluk!
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