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The Telltale Complaining History Thread

posted by Secret Fawful on - last edited - Viewed by 1.9K users
So I've decided to post a small history of all the things people complained the most about on the Telltale Forums in the time I've been around. Just as a little study. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with any of them, I'm only posting them to show off exactly how much people complain.

Bone being discontinued
Sam and Max being too easy
Sam and Max being too challenging
Wallace and Gromit being too easy
No Peter Sallis playing Wallace
Wallace and Gromit DVD
Tales being in 3D and not 2D
Wiiware delays
Wiiware graphics suck
Wiiware pricing
Sam and Max being too demanding
Sam and Max being too buggy
Tales screenshots look like crap
Tales graphics look too plastic
New Guybrush looks like crap
New LeChuck looks like a gorilla
New Elaine looks like crap
Mike Stemmle working on Tales (sort of)
Tales being too easy
Tales jungle mazes
Tales reuse of models
Click and Drag in MI
No Earl Boen
LeChuck's laughter
Tales boat intro being too shaky
Tales being too watered down
Tales being too light-hearted
Tales being too compressed
No Sam and Max Hit the Road
No Freelance Police
No Plunge Through Space
No Bill Farmer
No Nick Jameson
No Harvey Atkin
No Robert Tinkler
Tales graphics being too demanding
Reuse of jungle mazes
Morgan's death scene
Voodoo Lady plot twist
Earl Boen not sounding right
Tales puzzles too easy
Nelson Tethers looks like a Flash game
Click and Drag in Sam and Max
Click and Drag icon in Sam and Max
TF2 Sam and Max items
Special psychic power in the Playstation Penal Zone
Shipping taking too long
Telltale making Jurassic Park games
Telltale not making Back to the Future instead
Telltale making Back to the Future as well
No more Monkey Island for a while
The DVD Purcell slipcover
That time Jake shouted Satan's praises on the forums
Telltale having a puppy eating ritual
Tim Curry not being in Jurassic Park
Telltale not making Futurama AGAIN
Complaining about complaining
Complaining about complaining about complaining
the various cries about the controls in every game since Wallace and Gromit

EMI sucks
CMI sucks
Everything not made specifically by Ron Gilbert sucks
Ron Gilbert fanboys/girls suck
Roger Ebert is arrogant and wrong
Whether games are art or not doesn't matter
Chyron's Tales shipping deadline countdown is annoying
Avistew hasn't been posting enough pictures of her boobs
Chuck Jordan leaving the company
The map and coins in the deluxe edition being fail
The gap between each episode
Earl Boen not voicing every line in the intro to chapter 1
Tales not being dark enough
Tales being too dark
Tales not giving the same feeling of nostalgia as the original 3
The icon for Narwhal doesn't match the other four
Telltale not hiring me

My diagnoses in the end is that...most of you are a bunch of whiny...yeah. Hooray for the internet!

So yeah...let me know if I left anything out. I'd just LOVE to make this list bigger, oh yes. I didn't die a little inside at the fact that this list can never be shortened, but can only get much much bigger. A piece of my very soul didn't begin crying after I accepted this fact. Nope. Not at all.
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    And now you can add a new item to your list:
    • Too much complaining on the Telltale forums
    The irony is palpable.
  • Secret Fawful;325135 said:

    Telltale not making Back to the Future instead
    Telltale making Back to the Future as well
    LOL. So true too.
  • Sam&Max S3 being too demanding, buggy.
    Re-appearing characters.
    Their baby-making farms for their baby-eating needs.

    Etc. etc.
    Your list is far from complete...
  • You've missed a great deal, obviously due to your more recent join date. Especially things about Telltale's business model as a whole, and a metric fuckton of aspects of the Sam and Max games.

    I find that threads like these are entirely pointless. When you're complaining about something, when you hold it up to any form of critical analysis, you're at least informing others of the flaws of something. When you're complaining about people who complain, the only message I get is that people don't want to realize that they aren't as happy with something as they've convinced themselves that they are. Telling people that their complaints simply aren't valid more or less amounts to a big "NO U", it doesn't contribute anything.
  • Tor;325146 said:
    And now you can add a new item to your list:
    • Too much complaining on the Telltale forums
    The irony is palpable.
    people complaning about people complaning.
  • you forgot yare saying "the iphone is more powerfull than the wii"
    Also "wiiware delays" and "wiiware quality" and "wiiware pricing" And translations.
  • ITT

    Complaining about complaining-


    Pointing out all the complaining-

    I just don't think people realize how much complaining they do. They complain about one thing, eventually forget about it, and move on to complain about something else. They don't even realize they're doing it Also first post updated.
  • I don't think "people" are all the same person with a constant flow of issues.
  • The people complaining act in unision or similarly enough for me to consistently lump them together as an entity.

    EDIT: Updated the list again.
  • Can you? You haven't really done any empirical statistics on the matter, and considering that almost half the list contradicts itself, you seem to have at the very least two factions of people whose issues are being lumped together in order to fill up a list whose point is dubious at best.

    Looking at this list, for example, I personally only identify with a handful of the issues. I'm sure most people identify with their own handful, and there are just enough people that certain viewpoints get noticeable support. I doubt this could be considered a laundry list of issues for any given person.
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