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Anyone Else Thinking This?

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Is anyone else kind of unsure about how "They Stole Max's Brain" is going to be funny? I mean, there's no Max. And Sam's gone nuts. Sure, it's cool that he's gone all badass, but how exactly are they going to make this episode a comedy?
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  • Not an original "film noir", but I think one of the best parodies of the genre is "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" with Steve Martin. It cleverly integrates clips of classic film noir movies into the plot, and shows that it was produced by people with a knowledge of and affection for the genre.
  • I've seen quite a few, and yeah, there's usually a sharp and understated wit at play. It's not quite the same kind of funny as typical Sam & Max, but should be just as enjoyable for Telltale fans. Here are imdb links for two of my favorites: Laura and The Big Sleep. If you read the quotes sections you'll get a taste of film noir banter -- and its highly sexual undertones in the case of the latter movie. Which raises the question, Is there a Bacall for badass Sam's Bogey in Ep. 3? ;)

    What's weird is that I never realized, until these recent threads, that Ep. 3 was supposed to be film noir-esque -- because "They Stole Max's Brain" sounds more like a sci-fi B-movie. :confused: Film noir titles are often rather mundane.
  • It's weird, but I don't even think of "Laura" as a noir. I mean, now that you say it, I can see it is, but I've always thought of it as more of a romantic fantasy. It's got that dreamy quality to it, and the way he starts to obsess about her even though he's never met her ...
  • but that hairpins i have seen it it fun and then sad then evincing fun-er
  • TTG delivers consistently high material. They'd need to screw up majorly a whole season before I would even start to doubt them.
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    Thanks for the suggestions folks, I'll check some of these out.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Random few that I can remember and like:

    The Sweet Smell of Success
    The Third Man
    The Asphalt Jungle
    Lena_P;325952 said:
    "To Have and Have Not" is definitely dark and funny.
    "Double Indemnity" is pretty much a classic, although not a laugh a minute.
    And the "Thin Man" films aren't noir, but they are mysteries and they are funny. Sort of a noir-light.
    Also those!

    I am bad at remembering names though. I go to the Noir City film festival in San Francisco every year and see a bunch of great old films, and then end up forgetting 2/3 of their names.

    If you can see any of the four on this page written by William Bowers, they are pretty great with the quick quips, for instance..
  • You know what's funny? I've never seen Dick Powell in anything but the Gold diggers movies. I can't imagine him playing a tough guy.
  • With Max being totally brain-dead, it might be kind of hard to exchange witty-banter with Sam...:(

    But I just watched the trailer, so I'm satisfied. THIS LOOKS AWESOME! :D
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