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Thoughts on 3D movies, tv, and gaming

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I figured I'd try and figure this out. The whole thing kind of confuses me. I don't see the point to 3D movies or television. The average experience I've had with it so far has been negative. The movies are hailed as amazing and groundbreaking but they are usually drab and unoriginal. I've also heard about how they are ruling the box office but my experience has been that the better a movie does in theaters the longer the wait for it to come to video. Yet the 3D movies are going to video faster. It's just distracting and takes away from the scene half the time. Also it causes blurring whenever there is motion.

As for the televisions I haven't found anyone who would actually buy them yet. I keep hearing about how they don't see why they'd pay for another new television again, especially when they don't want to watch television in 3D. This leads to my next point.

3D gaming just seems like a gimmick to me. It's a money sink and I can't see it really improving my gaming experience. The games that are coming out are easier, shorter, uninspired on average and I can't see making the game pop out at me changing any of those things.

I want to hear your takes on it now.
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  • I only like 3D for movies that are made specifically for 3D viewing; movies where everything flies at the direction of the audience. Normal movies like, say, all future Pixar movies, I'd prefer watching them normally.
  • The funny thing about 3D is, that it's hip since decades.

    Fast wireframe 3D, fast polygon filled 3D, fast textured 3D, hardware accelerated (fast) 3D, flexible shader 3D, fast shader 3D, 3D on mobiles, fast and reasonable stereoscopic 3D, ...

    I think this will go on for another decades, until we'll have reached a sufficient quality&performance level.
  • [looks at the poll]

    Hmm. I choose none of the above.
  • Do Not Want.

    Until I get a chance to see the 3DS in action for myself in person, I will remain utterly unvconvinced about anything being in 3D. Until we get rid of the glasses, it will always remain gimmicky to me, and I can't stand that it suddenly seems to be making a massive comeback.

    I probably won't remain convinced until we can do 3D films or TV shows without making us wear glasses, by which point they may as well just get rid of the screen entirely and just have it as a hologram. That'd be awesome.
  • At birth, my optic nerves decided that they didn't want to work together. While in my later years I apparently have been able to coax them into working as a somewhat strained team, watching a 3D film gives me a terrible headache and the effect seems to fade in and out regardless.
  • I like the way 3D is now. It actually works, unlike the red and blue things.

    but for some people (Ex. Rather Dashing) it is just a huge pain.

    so I like it, but I hope it dosen't become the Everything must be done in this thing
  • I would have like 3D TV's if you don't have to wear glasses, those things are just too distracting for home viewing.
  • It's a gimmick that makes people pay more money to see a shitty movie.
  • I have never understood the appeal of 3d, sure, the image (sometimes) looks like it's popping out (in a weird way), but the color scheme is butchered by the weird flashing effect that it causes. The picture is shaking and ugly and nigh unwatchable. I have no clue how anyone could see that garbage and think it looked good.
  • isn't 3D just a new "special effect" ?

    Are special effects "bad" ?
    But anything that relies on any technological aspect to be its main selling point sucks.
    If in 10 years 3D is so widely used than no one even notices it anymore, then i won't care about it. Until then, it's probably gona keep pissing me off more than anything else.
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