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The Telltale Praising Thread

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In the interest of balance, and because obviously, people don't speak up as much when they're happy, I have decided to start a praising thread to "complete" the complaining one. The point it to show that while we might complain a lot we're still happy in the whole (at least I am) and think you rock (at least I do). Anyone there, feel free to quote anything from my list you agree with and to add your own. If you totally disagree with something and want to complain about it, I suggest you do that in the complaining thread instead :p
These things are listed in no particular order.

You give great support and allow people to get refunds with no questions asked
You regularly give out coupons
One of your game is ALWAYS free
You're present on the forums (if less so than before) and answer our questions about your games
You're present on the forums and participate in threads that have nothing to do with anything
You fix mistakes that are pointed out to you
The voice acting is amazing
The music is amazing
You work super-hard. This includes all possible ways to do overtime, as well as really trying to go the extra mile for the community
You care. A lot.
You reference things from the forum/blog/twitter in the games
You let us complain
You let me be incredibly appropriate, including but not limited to:
- displaying my anatomy
- creepy acts of stalking
- seduction attempts
All of the employees have replied to PMs I sent them
You liked the plushes enough to display them. Awwww.
You're not satisfied, you're always trying to improve, to take on bigger challenges, to give us the best
Your games aren't expensive (comparatively)
You provide several versions for the price of one
You keep trying to find ways to give us cool stuff on top of "just" the games

Mmh, kay, that's about it from the top of my head. I'm sure I'm forgetting lots.

EDIT: BY THE WAY! I find it ironical that I pretty much avoided calling it the "Telltale Appreciation Thread" when it would have fit so well. It wasn't on purpose, I just realised after the fact. Oh well. We appreciate all the work ad effort you put in guys! Seriously, we do!
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