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  • I hope sams backhand slap is an ITEM useable on everyone
  • Avistew;326592 said:
    You're only saying that to give me more work. I mean, do you know how hard it is to knit a tiny sweater?
    Okay, it's not that hard. But it's extra work!

    Also, yay, I'm cured! Cuuuured! Free to give the telltale crew my full attention again!
    Jimmy Two-Teeth plush confirmed! Also unisaur skeleton! Woooooot!

    Edit: I meant you can see the skeleton in the above screenshot, not that Avistew is makin' one.
  • Lena_P;326653 said:
    Jimmy Two-Teeth plush confirmed!
    I wouldn't say that. But I'm not saying anything!
  • That's my thought.
  • Zonino;326648 said:
    Man I hope Sam's Backhand is a dialogue option or usable ability. It would be funny just to pimp smack people continuously.
    Seconding this!
  • The "familiar voice" might also be referring to Majus as Foreign Guy.
  • Just had an idea. This is based on the Sammun-Mak brain idea. If it is his brain that Sam puts into Max, maybe he could be the end episode boss? Maybe he promises to help Sam, but he actually lied and doesn't give up Max's body? Then you must stop him and save Max? Just a thought...

    Btw, that could apply to whoever that brain belongs to.
  • lombre;326721 said:
    The "familiar voice" might also be referring to Majus as Foreign Guy.
    Same here. I mean he was in i wonder what happened in tales and in secret origons, I thought people would be familiar with him.
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