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PS3 ToMI Controls

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Weird question, but are the controls in the demo the controls for the season? They seem somewhat wonky compared to the controls in TDP.

Controls as I can figure them (there doesn't appear to be a controls screen under settings):

L-Stick: Movement
R-Stick: Highlight Objects in a Certain Direction
L1/R1: Cycle through selectable objects left/right (also in inventory)
L2/R2: Highlight all selectable objects
L3: None
D-Pad/R3: Trigger Hint
X: confirm selection/use
Circle: Back/Cancel/Skip Dialogue
Triangle: Access Inventory/Combine objects (in inventory)
Square: Examine objects (in inventory)
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  • Circle is also held to run.

    The demo is chapter 1, though. It unlocks via a 100kb file when you buy the season.
  • Pale Man;327724 said:
    Circle is also held to run.
    Forgot about that since you can't run on the pirate ships (demo cuts right after where the opening credits would be).

    I was honestly kinda holding out hope it was beta controls or something since R-Stick highlighting seems superfluous and having a hint button seems like it ought to be for testing purposes. Definitely puts me on the fence for buying again...
  • I personally love the PS3 controls, and the directional highlighter thing actually helps with selecting a specific hotspot more easily, as it allows you to cycle through ones in a specific direction rather than all of the ones that are on screen.
  • I just saw it as a step down from the Sam & Max control scheme, but I'll agree that they feel better than WASD or even click n'drag.
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