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Sam & Max's Relationship

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There's kind of an interesting dynamic between the two of them.

I'm not saying that Steve was intentionally going for anything deeper than just creating a funny story based on a dog and a rabbit who fight crime; but hardcore fans like myself can't help but obsess over our favourite characters, analyzing their psychological profiles and whatnot. (I like the word whatnot.)

So, discuss and share your insights.
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  • so...... girl stinky and sam?
  • I will not write another essay. I will not write another essay. I will not write another essay.

    No, they don't blatantly show attraction to either sex, but at the same time they don't shy away from the idea of romantic relations with the few women they know (Sybil comes to mind, when she leads them to believe that she's interested in dating and both Sam and Max come to the conclusion that she means them.)

    There are lots of examples here and there to assess their sexuality, but compiling it all, I'm sticking with "asexual with a slight exception for women".

    Besides, as stated, romance isn't necessarily what this thread is about.
  • I love the way everyone is discussing this so seriously in what is a completely random and totally light-hearted game :D
  • light hearted? LIGHT HEARTED? THIS IS WAR!!!!
  • tabstis;327822 said:
    I love the way everyone is discussing this so seriously in what is a completely random and totally light-hearted game :D
    It's the internet, debate is everywhere.
  • jaden551;327829 said:
    light hearted? LIGHT HEARTED? THIS IS WAR!!!!

    What's this I hear?
    What wondrous thing?
    Is this the Defcon klaxon's ring?

    A flashing light...
    Above the doooor! There's just one thing it could mean...
  • Player_2;327734 said:

    So they want to watch out for each other. They both sort of take on the responsibility for the other, to make sure that they're okay. Basically, they don't care what happens to people or places around them, as long as their friend's still doing fine. So, for example, for Sam, he doesn't care what's going on as long as his little buddy's still there. It's pretty much the same for Max.

    You know, this is also true of all of us. People kind of pretend to care about other people, but when you get right down to it we only really "care" about our close group of friends and family. Not that people are unconcerned with the welfare of others; if that were true there wouldn't be Doctors without Borders(MSF) or human shields. But if there was an earthquake here I know my family overseas would only be worried about me and the rest of my family. They'd feel bad for everyone else and probably donate money or supplies, but they wouldn't lose sleep over them. You literally can't worry and love everyone in the world; it'd probably kill you. So Sam and Max's relationship isn't really that different from the relationship most of us have with our loved ones, they're just a little more honest (and extreme) about it.
    Avistew;327812 said:
    Don't forget the male+female combo. It's a well known fact that a male and female can't be "just" friends, there has to be more to it, the characters are just too scared of damaging their friendship, or lying to themselves, or something.
    Soooo true. Except not in real life. It's amazing that people will not accept something as "being realistic" in a story when they come across it all the time in the actual world. And of course there's the other side where people in films still tend to fall in love at first sight and care so deeply for each other even though we've never bee shown any evidence of why they'd feel that way. Hey, they're both pretty, that's enough! :p
  • Hey, it does happen, just not very often.
  • Although half of the couples on that list either had dated or had one character with an unrequited crush for the other. More of a Sybil and the Monster thing, which would make a great band name, incidentally.
  • To be fair, that's also how it works out in real life half the time. Hell, my best friend and I are a Straight Will and Grace, and I'm the Unlucky Childhood Friend.
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