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Max's gift

posted by The_Hamburgaler on - last edited - Viewed by 566 users
In the trailer for episode three (THEY STOLE MAX"S BRAAAAAAIN!.....) Sam magyvers a new little buddy by putting a new brain in his corpse. This raises some questions.

We can assume that this is not max's brain, because of the voice, and if we had his brain, then why is their even a case?

But then the new max uses the rhinoplasty.


Does that mean that the gift is in the body? Or Does the other person have it... and its in the brain... But then the brain on skunkapes ship... ARGGHH! BRAIN MELT!

I hope people are putting two and two together and realizing this, but if not, I did it for you.

What do you guys think. Another person with the gift? The Body has the gift? What?
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  • So why does the brain still work then in a new body?
  • Avistew;327995 said:
    If you listen, it was a boy, and they are in a Museum with the lost ruler of Egypt, Sammun-Mak, and he died young, maybe due to the gifts and the toys of power's stress on his body and mind. Max's body and mind are stronger, the brain of one with the gift is ?? but the brain has proven one with the gift is ... but if overdone it burns out.

    Is what I got.
    In other words, Sammun-Mak was still too young and the gift was too much for him and it might be what killed him (we have reasons to suspect it's what killed Gordon as well, at least partially). Max is an adult (and crazy) and has resisted so far, but might burn out at some point too if he overdoes it.

    Thank you so much.

    Do we really know how old max is? And Where did it say the museum had the brain?
  • If you watch the traler the background has the same feel as the one behind sal and he explicitly said they were in the museum.
  • The_Hamburgaler;327999 said:
    Thank you so much.

    Do we really know how old max is? And Where did it say the museum had the brain?
    It's all theories, really. From a trailer, there isn't really a way to be sure a scene does happen soon after or in the same location as another one.
    Still, there is a museum mentioning a "lost pharaoh", and the previous episode introduced a young pharaoh who had the gift.
    Then Max uses someone's brain in Max and he can use the gift. That someone is also very enthusiastic.

    Putting all of that together, people theorise that it's Sammun-Mak's brain inside of Max.
  • my answwris better.
  • I finch the toys of power will set max head on fire but it mite be max is the one that the toys are meant for so far the shines point that way
  • ps it resistant
  • That's possible, kane, but I think the toys might not be meant to be used that much to begin with. I think the point is that they're likely to harm you if you use them too much especially for that, to prevent abuse. In this prospect, there wouldn't really be a "chosen one". Especially someone like Max who would totally abuse it.

    P.S: thanks for telling us the word was "resistant" :)
  • I'm just gonna wait and find out.
  • Psychic powers are not unique to Max; Gordon the disembodied brain had it. And plug-and-play brains is part of Telltale's Sam and Max universe: think Lincoln's brain in Jurgen's monster.
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