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Sam & Max Ads on [adult swim]

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Currently, I'm being the test subject for my dad's snack shop by downing various energy drinks and giving feedback as to their taste. Mostly because I'm the only one in the family foolish enough to ruin his internal systems as such.

Anyway, the result is me staying up for the first time in a long time watching adult swim. And what do my eyes stumble upon at every commercial break during their block tonight?

Sam & Max: Season One Gametap advertisements.

The ads are pretty much joke spoilers playing set ups and punch lines and the occational one-liner from various episodes. But still... It's Sam & Max on TV for the first time since the 90's!! And it's on during the one block of television programing responsible for the return of Family Guy AND Futurama!

Brace yourselves, people! I feel a forum explosion coming in the future!
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