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My voodoo cards are here!

posted by allaboardfilms on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users
I just received my voodoo card set in the mail today, and I figured I'd share its contents with all of you.


Front Cover

Back Cover

The Cards

And here's a list of all the cards included...
The Tower
The Mouth
The Lovers
The Transformation
The Journey
The Lothario
The Guide
The Fracture
The Devil
The Curse
The Shivress
The Victim
The Healer

More detailed pictures:

The First Batch

The Second Set

The Final Few

All in all, it's really nice stuff. Very high quality material. It almost makes me want to learn how to read tarot cards.
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  • Avistew;328771 said:
    Heh, I can never open a deck of card without bending the top. Ever.
    *lol* Sounds familiar. And if I manage to do it the first time, I mess up the second time I open it. :D
  • Thanks for the pictures, the cards look really nice.

    But why is there an ESRB rating on the box?
  • Huh... the betrayal card is missing the knife in his back.
  • Tilan;329972 said:
    But why is there an ESRB rating on the box?
    I was wondering the same thing.
  • Oh wow, these are really cool.

    So Voodoo Cards: ready for shipping
    Art Portfolio: ready for shipping
    Tomi deluxe edition: ready for shipping

    Lets hope it doesn't take too long for the stuff to get here now!!
  • So the special card is indeed The Fool (or an equivalent name). That makes sense.

    Let's see, direct Tarot I mentioned elsewhere, The Tower, The Lovers, Strength, Justice, and Death are direct equivalents. Now that I know LeChuck on his throne is The Devil, that's another direct counterpart. The Shivress could quite easily correspond to The High Priestess/Popess (the imagery doesn't seem to match with The Empress and there's no male counterpart to serve as The Emperor). Thematically, The Journey can stand in for The Chariot, The Guide could stand in for The Magician/Juggler, and Betrayal, Treachery, or The Victim could stand in for The Hanged Man/Traitor. Add those ten equivalents to The Fool (which if it is indeed called that is another direct equivalent) and my thinking that half of the voodoo deck could be tied to the Major Arcana with relative ease was dead on.
  • zwollie;330331 said:

    Tomi deluxe edition: ready for shipping
    Huh? What? Where? What are you talking about? My order has the deluxe edition in it and it still says that annoying "backordered" thing...
  • They look great! I'm a little disappointed they didn't include the Scientist card though. That one was my favorite.
  • Damn, I didn't really want these until seeing them...
  • allaboardfilms;328695 said:
    Wow. That case would've made a way better slip cover for the Deluxe DVD with the Purcell artwork being the main artwork in the actual case.

    Oh yes, the cards are nice too! :)
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