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Everyone reading this--go right now to and click the donation button over and over again, it just diverts funds from other organizations!

If you excuse me, I have to get back to clicking...
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  • Hey, there's a new poll! I got first vote, go Marzipan!

    (oh yeah, first post here too :) )
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    I wonder if the site ran out of stuff to display as goal or if there is really something 'classified' :D
  • Soon there won't be a darkside of the moon! We're raising money to light it up!
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    The site ran out of fundraising goals and the progress counter is not working.
  • Oh, it's working. Just not in ways you might expect it to work. ;)

    We'll add some new fundraising goals soon.
  • Just some of the organizations having their funds diverted to the campaign of President Max:

    Melee Island Bureau of Tourism
    the Llama Brigade
    Santa Claus.
    St. George's Books
    Former Child Stars Anonymous.
    the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP).
    Mr. Spatula.
    the National Endowment for the Arts.
    the United Dividers.
    Gerbils for the Greater Good.
    the Peanut Franklin Fan Club.
    Swiss bank account #02197171.
    the Boys' Choir of Geneva.
    ... we're not quite sure.
    the Annual Lytton Policeman's Ball Fund.
    the United Nations.
    Mario's coffers.
    the Coffee for Poor People Fund.
    Chocolate Haters Anonymous.
    M! (the Myra Magazine).
    the Liver 'n' Onions Concert Fund.
    the Oakhurst Memorial Society.
    Darth Vader.
    the National Treasury.
    Elvis's tomb.
    your mother.
    the United Whey.
    the Curds and Whey Foundation.
    the Americans for Cleaner Sewage Group.
    Sybil's mutual funds.
    starving yet charitable third-world children.
    Social Security.
    Chia Pets Against Rabies Shots.
    the Orphans without Shoes or Socks Foundation.
    the Dinosaur Bowling League. have I never clicked harder.
  • ...okay, so 200 clicks later and I'm STILL getting new organization's funds diverted. :D
  • haha "Current Fundraising Goal: Four Lights"

  • These are some expensive lights.
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Well, there are four of them.
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