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Appreciation Thread Appreciation Thread

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I just wanted to show my gratitude for all these Appreciation Threads that keep popping up everywhere. It'd be so hard to work out what things I like myself without such a ready array of other people's opinions to mooch off! I mean, I can just browse the headlines ... I don't even need to read any threads, to work out what things I'm going to think are great this week. Brilliant!
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  • And I appreciate this thread, and so on and so forth.
  • I'd like to appreciate that previous comment
  • Oh lol. I just scanned further down and noticed The Highway already did this.

    But, I was actually just trying to point out how ridiculous these appreciation threads have got.

    More of an Appreciation Thread Ironic-Non-Appreciation Thread really.
  • I appreciate the honesty of this appreciation thread.
  • Actually the earlier one was just for Sam and Max appreciation threads
  • I apperciate that this thread does not apperciate threads.
  • Sigh.

    Okay. The problem isn't inherent in the idea of an appreciation thread. There's nothing wrong with having threads dedicated to discussing specific aspects of the games that we, well, appreciate. What's happened is a proliferation of joke threads -- or more generally, threads with topics that are incapable of generating that much discussion. The weird derailing that's been going on in even the more substantial threads (and this isn't just limited to the appreciation ones) doesn't help matters either.

    So I guess you could say the idea is sound but the execution has, by and large, been lousy. In effect, the "Appreciation Thread" as a brand has been tainted by the dearth of productive discussion they've been able to cultivate. Which ... sounds like a really strange analogy now that I've typed it. Um.

    Let's just try to step it up with the discussions here, okay guys? I know we can do it.
  • I appreciate your analysis.

    Although I think you are analysing too much :)

    But yes, I think a more general "I thought these things were great/bad about 302..." thread is just a more interesting discussion than "This one thing that was cool. Discuss."

    Something really should be exceptionally awesome (and/or complex) and stand out a mile from all the other awesome things, to even consider warranting its own thread.

    Otherwise, we basically just have about 20 separate threads that are all discussing the exact same subject, namely "Season 3 wins".

    So my suggestion is to have an OFFICIAL "Season 3 Wins" thread, and an outright ban on individual threads appreciating any specific aspect of the season.

  • serializer;329325 said:
    So my suggestion is to have an OFFICIAL "Season 3 Wins" thread, and an outright ban on individual threads appreciating any specific aspect of the season.
    Someone is going to try and spite you and open another thread.
  • I wanted to make a joke but I never was that bullied in school so I'll pass.
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