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They Stole Max's Brain - Waiting Thread

posted by caeska on - last edited - Viewed by 3.9K users
All right, we all know how it goes. The constant refreshing of the games page and the sleepless night in anticipation of the next installment of The Devil's Playhouse!
Well I think it's important to have a place to post while waiting because quite frankly, I'm afraid of going to sleep. The episode always gets released while I'm sleeping so I'm not falling for that this time. And other people might also want to...alleviate their Sam & Max withdrawal as well :)

So get the coffee ready and keep your fingers poised over the F5 button because it's midnight on Tuesday 22nd and They Stole Max's Brain could be released at any second. Like...right now. We...are getting a midnight release right? *puppy eyes*

Well it should be released! In any case, we can expect it any second now, I'm sure.
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