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Order bungle,incomplete preorder delivery Tales of Monkey Island DVD Issue 31977

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To Telltale Support,
I please urgently request Bonnie,(or any other Telltale staff member), check her PM Box with an update regarding my preorder of the the standard TOMI DVD Issue 31977. To any other Telltale staff member, the full details regarding my preorder are in the PM & obviously are edited here in this posting. However, given your email system (according to Bonnie last week),is currently experiencing issues, I have no choice but to also post here too.

I am posting again with regards to my pre-order of 2 copies of the Standard DVD edition Tales of Monkey Island+ Season placed 05/18/10. Shipment paid was for FedEx International Priority Mail.

Previously I had PM'd Bonnie concerning my Telltale assigned FedEx tracking no. not working. (Again Shipping info Edited here)
At the time Bonnie said she'd contact the distribution centre as she was concerned the tracking no. was incorrect because it was a USPS number,not FedEx.
Today (Tuesday 06/22/10 Australian time), I received only a partial, incomplete delivery.
1) Firstly, I only received a Qty 1 of 2 Tales of Monkey Standard DVD games. As my invoice clearly states-I ordered 2 copies of the game & as my Telltale account shows, I have paid accordingly for two DVD copies.
Even my Telltale Invoice (shipped with the game), notes I was charged 2x$1unit price each Standard DVD for my preorder, ($2 added onto the shipping price total,& payment received),yet also says at the bottom of the page No. of items:1.
On my Shipping label outside the parcel it also states Qty 1 MI DVD Weight-4oz. Value US$1
It states the employee's name who sent it on 06/03/10

2) The tracking no. Telltale supplied me was,(just as you stated, Bonnie) a USPS First Class International tracking number. Despite my shipping label (on the top left hand corner of the parcel envelope), & internal invoice (in the envelope), both stating it was to be shipped FedEx International Priority Mail,the main shipping label/tracking no. states outside it has been sent via USPS mail, totally against my paid delivery of FedEx International Priority mail. The tracking no. given to me was correct,because it was sent via USPS & not FedEx.

So, in short, not only have I only received HALF of my preorder Qty. of 2 copies of the standard Tales of Monkey Island DVD, but my (signifigantly), higher paid delivery charge option was not fufilled,& it was sent via the cheapest,USPS mail. To say I am upset is an understatement.

I expect Telltale Games to rectify this matter & send my remaining (paid for), copy of the standard Tales of Monkey Island DVD via my (already paid for), delivery of FedEx International priority mail as soon as possible.

I add this isn't directed at you personally Bonnie-its very clear in the forums that you're being overwhelmed to say the least. And I didn't have a problem with the additional delivery costs, it was my desired choice.

I am however extremely disappointed at Telltale's handling of my preorder. This has been a very frustrating first experience-including not being able to email telltale via their only after-sales international contact. (With the email system experiencing issues). Again, I expect Telltale to rectify this matter as soon as possible. Telltale staff are welcome to PM me,although again Bonnie if you have a moment, you'll already have the full details PM'd to you.

Thank you for your time,though disappointing circumstances to have to post Telltale.
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  • Apologies to the moderators-this thread didn't appear to send through the first time my end,seems to have posted twice by accident. Could you please adjust it & keep just the original posting as required?
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Hi Indy threepwood,
    Please check your pm's, full details there. Very sorry about the order blunder, we hope we've made it right with you.

  • Hello Bonnie,
    Sent you a PM, but thought I'd post here too. Second TOMI DVD shipment pending/actually arriving,(fingers crossed!) everything should be fine. Wasn't expecting the action Telltale took in my case.Thank you again for sparing a moment & looking into this at this busy time.
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