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  • tabstis;330020 said:
    I don't think we've ever gone suddenly off topic as badly as this...

    WHO CAN'T WAIT?!?!?!?
    I can't wait!!!! :D ^^
  • Wow this week went fast, but now it's too slow... Bring on the game!
  • It was Papierwaite (it's speculation, I'm not saying it as a fact). I agree with the theory that he was trapped in the astral projector and escaped.
  • justaguy;329997 said:
    How many of the Sam & Max titles have had blatantly misleading titles? Seriously... I can't remember any that didn't prove true in light of the events in the game. I think we can safely lay to rest this idea that Max's brain wasn't stolen. The title is 'They stole Max's Brain" so it seems fairly clear to me that his brain was in fact stolen by someone or something.
    My theory still holds.. Max's brain Escaped all on it's own....that would not prevent any one from stealing it...that probably would make it easier! I mean really, you think anyone could beat Max in a fair OR unfair fight, like the case always would be!
  • It was totally European Guy. There's something about that voice I don't quite trust ... :D
  • While I wait for mine to finish downloading... I think the cockroach did it.
  • These Questions have now been answered. Mostly.
    StrongBrush1;329373 said:
    Okay I've put together a list of questions that we need answered:
    1. Who stole Max's brain?- Skun-ka'pe
    2. Who is Stinky's real "Mr. S"?- Unsolved
    3. How did Skun-ka'pe get out of the New Penal Zone?- Rift suddenly reopened, he got out.
    4. What's up with the Sal the Giant Roach?- A giant roach who used to work at Stinky's until Grandpa Stinky fired him. He now works at the New York Museum of Mostly Natural History.
    5. What will be the set-up for the next episode?- A bunch of Naked Sams show up and crowd around our heroes. And Papierwaite and Skun-ka'pe.
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