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iPad 301 - I can't open my items box

posted by Cédric on - last edited - Viewed by 370 users

I'm currently looking for Skunkape, and I got several clue (receipt, teacup...) in my item box to find where he is. I guess that I have to use those clue on the computer in my car.

I can open my items box everywhere. But when I touch the car to see the computer, the telephone and the map, all icons but the item box disappear (seems normal). But when I touch the items box to use my clue on the computer the box doesn't open.

I already had the "lost controller" bug, and restarted the game to solve it. I don't really want to restart again (or from my few saves).

Thanks for your help,

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  • You can't open your inventory while looking in the car... You have to click on Carol to zoom in on her, then you can open your inventory and place items on the Crime-tron.

    Well, that's at least how it works for me... I'm using an iPad.
  • Thanks G. Byrne. It works !

    The fact is I didn't gave the scanner to the COPS, so Carol wasn't in the car yet. Haha!
    I thought I just needed the super 16Mhz computer in the car :)
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