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"Mind" the Lagomorph... They Stole Max's Brain! Did You Try List!

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I'll add stuff here as people suggest them.


- Exhausting every possible option in the interrogation part of the game?
- Did you try to use Future Vision on Sam in Papierwaite's office?
- Try to use Rinoplasty in the Sam's Ancestor Head at the Museum?
- Checking the credits to see if you could find Majus?
- Attempting to approach the office door twice while the tentacles are guarding the door.
- Attempting to speak to the museum’s moai head twice
- Looking at mysterious display multiple times
- Looking at the Devil’s Toybox and the projector twice while playing as Max’s brain (early in the game).
- Looking at Skun-ka’pe’s high tech control panel twice.
- Shooting minion
- Looking at brain urn after removing the Pharaoh’s brain from it
- Using future vision with all possible options
- Examining the map in Papierwaite’s office twice
- Looking at the Sammun-Mak idol near the ginormous statue twice.
- Looking a Stinky’s truck twice.
- Using the brain screw with anyone except Lord Sammun-Mak
- Looking at the toaster ad twice
- Looking at the radios twice
- Looking at Nicky T’s Radion Yurt sign twice.
- Attempting to shoot Sammun-Mak
- Using rhinoplasty to turn Max into a toaster after Sammun-Mak declares them the worst thing in the universe
- Looking at the credit card sign out the front of Stinky’s diner while credit cards are declared Sammun-Mak’s most hated thing
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