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They stole max's brain - Finished thread *SPOILERs*

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Ok, so I did this for penal zone and forgot to do one for the tomb of sammun mak. At the time of posting, the new episode arrives in 9 minuets.

Basically, once you finished the game, come back to this thred, and we can discuss what we thought about the game. And scream about "NOW I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO BABY JESUS CHRIST AND BABY AMELIA AIRHEART!"

Or something like that.

6 minuets. AWW DAMN!!! Here we go!
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  • Part of me is disappointed, part of me loved this episode.

    The disappointed part really wished that the dark, noir atmosphere of the first half had stuck around for the rest of the game. I mean, here I am, in this huge museum, my first thought when I arrive there is "Man, this place is huge! I can't wait to start solving puzzles here!" And then what? I solve two measly puzzles and it's gone. The whole thing, including the awesome interrogation puzzle, just seemed like a tease for something bigger. As soon as I got to love the atmosphere, I was transported to something completely different. It almost felt like these were planned to be two separate episodes, and were merged into one at the last minute.

    The other part of me thinks that the plot twist was excellent. I sorta expected Sammun-Mak to turn on Sam, but I never thought it'd lead the the creation of another reality. And I really liked the interaction between Skun-ka'pe and Papierwaite. The two characters really played off each other well, and the scene when you first encounter them is great. I also loved Sal. I don't know what it was about his character, but he's just so likable. I really felt sorry for sending Skun-ka'pe's goon after him.

    Overall, I think the big atmosphere change should have maybe been relegated to just the final act. Or, at the very least, there should have been another puzzle to solve in the museum.
  • Really great episode, but it felt a little short. But maybe that's because I kept accidentally solving all the dialogue puzzles before exhausting all the wrong options first. It's definitely going to be worth replaying.
  • You know, I started replaying now and even the very first segment of the game actually took me so long. There are actually SO MANY dialouges and voice acting and everything. No wonder why they wanted to keep it that short, and make it available only for mole people and three more characters.
  • I laughed when Skunkape mentioned that his scans indicated Max doesn't like girls (in conversation at the planetarium). Sam's caused a paradox so huge from his time-travelling shenanigans in Season 2 that even machines refuse to believe he changed.

    Also, really loved Sal.
  • Sal is terrible in that, on the one hand, his voice is ... wonderful ... but on the other hand he is a Giant. Cockroach. It's like, look up cognitive dissonance on the internet, and you'll get a video of Sal.
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