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Beyond the Alley of the Dolls Speculation Thread

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The Narrator said:
We'll have answers, of a sort, to these questions in our next chapter. Until then, my friends, sleep well.
Every phrase that the Narrator has said in the trailers to the Devil's Playhouse episodes was actually lifted from the very end of the games; All those phrases are actually teasers to the next episode. My question is, what does our enigmatic host mean by "Sleep well?" Will Sam be hit in the head with a blackjack and dragged to a laboratory (perhaps like the image in the leftmost painting in the trailer), and tied to an operating table before a mad scientist takes his DNA to develop the Sam clones? Or perhaps the Sam clones have already been developed, and are dormant in cryogenic chambers until the next episode?

It's never too early for speculation, my friends, and we'll have some more evidence to go on once Max's Brain is available online. In the meantime, let's investigate and speculate together, and see who will reach the truth first, about the Playhouse of the Bizarre...
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  • Maybe Max altered reality and that's how the clones/dolls/whatever they are came into being? I mean SamunMak changed the entire world, why not max altering it right after he was put back into his body. Just a thought.
  • Well, SammunMak did it intentionally. And I'm pretty sure Max would at least be in control of his own mind...
  • We're talking about Max, I think he can control his mind, but not his impulses. Maybe one of those was the thought that more sams would be better?
  • i think we might go back in the office, seeing how the penal zone mark II isnt there anymore
  • Falanca;331241 said:
    ...Well, I think it's worthy to be speculated that there is the word 'dolls' in the title and there are a bunch of Sams. Maybe they're not clones, but dolls that are animated by some sort of magic.
    Magic, or someone. I still say that Charlie Hotep is alive and is controlling the clones/dolls as a villain.
  • The Highway;331298 said:
    i think we might go back in the office, seeing how the penal zone mark II isnt there anymore
    I hope so, I kinda miss the office for some strange reason...
  • Maybe Sammun-Mak's mind is capable of creating a reality, but I don't think Max's mind is. Sammun-Mak always used no one's mind but his own, the only thing he used that wasn't his was Max's body, and Max's body's not the Psychically gifted thing.
  • I'm pretty sure Max can do it too. Sammun-Mak had to use the whole Devil's Toybox, complete with the other powerful toys gathered from the vacuum device created by Skunkape and Papierwaite.

    We never saw Max even using the box.
  • Planeforger;331404 said:
    That's a good point. I think it's also worth mentioning that Sam is one of the most powerful puzzle-solving forces in the universe, so cloning him would be handy.
    If you are a character which are that medium aware, I guess you should know the "Player Character" is the powerful puzzle-solving force in the universe and cloning him will make no effect, because the clones will be NPC. And the Sams aren't that bright as far I can see. But I guess that character isn't that medium aware anyway.

    I found hilarious the fact Papierwaite was basically running for his life when the clones appeared, shouting "The Sam's are here" or something among those lines, indicating those Clones aren't recent, but they were made some time ago. Also, I'm wondering if the Toy Store from "The Penal Zone" has something to do here. Maybe those clones are actually dolls like some people was saying some time ago.

    (Thank goodness we still have Puzzle Agent for the rest of this month. The waiting for the Episode I was actually waiting for is killing me now!)
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