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Midwest Setting

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I was just wondering how familiar non-Usonian (I didn't say Americans, are you happy Ginny? :p) types are with the setting of Puzzle Agent? For example, how many of you have seen the Coen brothers films? What do you think of when you hear the term "Midwest"? Do you think of a place in the States? Do you know where the Midwest is? I'm just curious to hear a "foreign" take on the setting, and the images it conjures up.
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  • Irishmile;331433 said:

    Mabel Tainter theater (where my sister got married)

    I would actually be willing to get married if it meant I got to play around in a place like that ... <3 (I'd almost be willing to move to somewhere that gets <b>shudder snow, to volunteer at a theater like that. Almost.)
  • I still like Paris better :p but the pics are really nice.
  • Im afraid my little city couldn't compete with Paris
  • Paris is my hometown. It's part of me. Nothing can compete with it and at the same time it drives me crazy. Kinda like a family member.

    Your little city looks really nice. I like theatres like this one. Actually it reminds me of amphitheatres in university in Paris... ah damn it I did it again.
    I think I need to go back there sometime and get my fix :p
  • In the 1800s the area had some of the richest men in the world living here.... in fact the city is filled with old mansions...

    All these old Mansions used to be owned by lumber tycoons that particular theater was built in memory of one of these tycoon's daughter Mabel who died at the age of 19...

    In fact Chicago owes alot to the area because of the famous Chicago fire in the 1800s and much of the city needed to be rebuilt.. So they bought lumber from here and they floated it all down the Mississippi river.... They built us we built them... interesting huh?

    On a related note laura ingalls wilder lived about an hour away... she wrote the book little house on the prairie decades before the lumber boom and some time after the fur trade....

    OK I like history stuff.. I will stop talking im sure I lost most of you.
  • OK one last thing I could have mentioned... for Baseball fans at one time Eau Claire had some professional baseball teams including the Eau Claire braves a team Hank Aaron played for.... he broke Babe Ruth's homerun record. The diamond is located on that big island in the middle of the lake.... Carson Park in the middle of half moon lake (looks nothing like a moon)

  • Duh! That's because it's only half a moon, the rest was destroyed by a giant meteor controlled by the Feruvian people of Neptune. (Sorry, I just love to imagine places named "half moon" actually were supposed to look like a giant space rock split into pieces :p) Why does your town have a French name, Irishmile? Was it originally founded by Acadiens or something?
  • It means Clear Water or something like that..... maybe someone who speaks French can verify... The French fur trade came through here and named many of the things here if its not French its going to be named after Native American things.. I do not think the close proximity to French speaking areas in Canada is a coincidence..

    Incidentally most of the people here are actually German.... after much of the lands lumber and fur trade died down land owners sold their land to German immigrants as they arrived so they could farm the land... unfortunately many arrived in the middle of a winter they were not expecting and many died... But they gave us our cheese and our beer... many of which the whole world now enjoys.
  • Yes, it does mean "Clear Water". "Clair" can also means "light/fair/pale", but I doubt that's the case here.
  • Although calling a Pilsner "Biere Claire" would make for a cute pun.
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