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My voodoo cards are here!

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I just received my voodoo card set in the mail today, and I figured I'd share its contents with all of you.


Front Cover

Back Cover

The Cards

And here's a list of all the cards included...
The Tower
The Mouth
The Lovers
The Transformation
The Journey
The Lothario
The Guide
The Fracture
The Devil
The Curse
The Shivress
The Victim
The Healer

More detailed pictures:

The First Batch

The Second Set

The Final Few

All in all, it's really nice stuff. Very high quality material. It almost makes me want to learn how to read tarot cards.
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  • I thought about just saving your pictures and looking at them when ever I wanted to look at them so I wouldn't have to actually open mine..... But I couldn't resist.... I lasted about 2 minutes before I tore into the plastic and showed my kids..
  • Secret Fortunetelling Secret: You don't actually have to know what the cards represent, if you want to tell someone their future you just have to work off of the cards and how the person reacts to what you are saying. Cold reading and all that jazz. The downside is that if you try it on someone you know well who kind of believes this stuff they might start to think you have "The Gift" or something.
  • you need your own 1-800 number!!!
  • Seriously, it's amazing how easily people can believe. I did it once against my wishes, telling my friend I didn't know anything about Tarot and she still thought I might have psychic powers! I had to finally give a "bad" reading a year later to get her to stop bugging me about it. I've also made guesses about people's habits or likes a couple of times that made them think I was "special". People really don't realize how much they reveal about themselves in how they talk, what they say, their body language and eye movements.
  • Does it work over the Internet? I don't want people to guess stuff about me...

    ...wait, I tell you guys everything already. Nevermind.
  • Hrrrm, I just did a reading for you Avistew. Turns out you once shot a man in Reno.
  • Nope, that was me. But do you know why?
  • Lena_P;331593 said:
    Nope, that was me. But do you know why?
    he cut the cucumber lengthwise?
  • Ok those cards look really cool but when I read "includes all the cards seen in the game" I thought the know...includes ALL the cards seen in the game! Actually I just want one of them: the 6th Sense and apparently it's not there :(
  • The 6th Sense will be a special holographic card to be released in the future....

    ....ok no, but that would be awesome.
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