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We want TOMI on XBL !!!!!

posted by Fliter on - last edited - Viewed by 5.5K users
I am maybe the only one on earth that is waiting for TOMI on XBL since the original release...

Why?!?! Because I have enjoyed so much playng S&M on the sofa with the joypad that I i just consider this as the only way to play TOMI...

Now TOMI has been released on PSN...


I am the only one here?!?!

What is that? It is an exclusive agreement with Sony?

It is incredible... xbox360 has only taken old & already (long time) released TellTale games...
PS3 get S&M3 and now TOMI....

Bad move Telltale...
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  • Neumi;326994 said:
    it will come.
    XBLA is still the biggest market for "revival" games.
    But tbh I have no clue how well Adventures sell on XBLA.

    How was it with Sam&Max? Good sales?
    Sam & Max: Save the World sold around 24,000 copies, each cost 20 bucks.
    Sam & Max: Beyond Time & Sold around 7,500 copies, each cost 20 bucks.

    About Wallace & Gromit, each episode cost 10 bucks, but the first was part of Inventory Sale, so it was for one week for 5 bucks.

    Ep1 - about 30,000 copies
    Ep2 - about 7,000 copies
    Ep3 - about 4,500 copies
    Ep4 - about 4,000 copies

    It think its very good sales, when you think that the games were release during last summer and autumn.
  • it definitly should cover the conversion costs (+ marketing)
  • Fliter;326374 said:

    Bad move Telltale...
    How is it a bad move to move tales over to the PS3. Was it a bad move to move sam and max to PS3(which might I add has been dry of telltales games while xbla users have sam and max seasons 1 AND 2 along with Wallace and Gromit)
    With your logic it was a bad move making sbcg4ap a wiiware game(which was #1 wiiware title at its time)
  • @Gman5852

    It is not bad to have TOMI on PS3....
    It is a really really really a bad move not to have TOMI on Xbox360 after a year!!!

    Without any doubt a worldwide & all platforms simultaneous release would have mean a higher sales results. Shared marketing efforts&costs, SHARE the buzz&the hype train, the first new game of Monkey Franchise in years, the release of the MI1 SE, etc...

    Now maybe they will release TOMI on XBL after more than an year&half ...and maybe they will not be satisfied by the sales results....

    Bad move really TELLTALE, bad move!!!
  • Get over it. They're swamped. If you want to complain email them. Don't bring it to the forums where it annoys everybody. It's obvious very few agree with you.
  • Nevertheless I still want TOMI on my Xbox360!!!

    I really hope that some news in rgds will be released as soon as possible...
  • ASAP is usually they way it works with any game company. Most of all TTG. When they know, you'll know.
  • Ok... I will wait...

    But in the meanwhile I will have great time with MI2 SE (07/07) & Ron Gilbert' DeathSpank (14/07)!!!!!!!!
  • Fliter;331865 said:
    Ok... I will wait...

    But in the meanwhile I will have great time with MI2 SE (07/07) & Ron Gilbert' DeathSpank (14/07)!!!!!!!!
    That's the spirit. :D
  • I waited for TMI on xbox at first... then snapped outta it and bought it straight away.
    (I think the achievement insanity had got to me by then..)
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