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More iPad releases please!

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Please for the love of all that is Sam & Max, bring the rest of the seasons to the iPad! Heck, bring Guybrush Threepwood along too! I will buy each and every single one.

I've always loved the Sam & Max games, but I just don't play games in front of a console or on the PC any more. I work all day on the computer and then I want to relax on the couch with my wife. I had such a blast playing the Penal Zone on my iPad! My wife can watch the television, while I sit next to her and enjoy Max's nuttiness. All becomes well with the world! (Ok, you NEED to fix a bunch of the bugs. My autosave got corrupted and thank goodness I had a manual save not *too* far back. I've had it crash many times, and there's that awful audio bug with the screeching. But, worth suffering through).

If you fix the showstopper bugs and do a little more marketting of the game, I think you can be really successful in the app store, especially as adoption of the iPad picks up. Please keep up the great work!!!
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  • +1 here too! S&M on the iPad rocked! I keep seeing spoilers that I really don't want to see while checking for an iPad update everyday.
  • Unfortunately Joel mentioned that the iPad version is on a different release schedule than the others.

    Sounds to me like they are going to polish up some of the technical issues before releasing another episode. I had no issues with S&M on the iPad given what specs they have to work with on the device. But I am all for polishing a game to make it even better.

    The wait is killing me though.
  • Maybe they'll find some way to bundle them and provide em cheaper than the price you guys were paying before :)
  • I'm with "wildcardd" - very excited about the new episode and happy to have it on a separate release schedule if that means it's undergoing some polishing... That said, it'd be fantastic to have the older catalogs available (as well as other series such as M.I.) :)
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    At least now the childish people who bitterly complained about iPad getting episode 1 first, now will be happy to know that now it's the iPad that will get the delay and PC will get the rest of episodes first :D (I still don't get why that matters so much to them)
  • Right now, it's looking like the iPad is an experiment that Telltale gave up on.
  • Alanshutko;322810 said:
    Right now, it's looking like the iPad is an experiment that Telltale gave up on.
    That's what I fear, too... I don't know about the commercial success of the iPad version of The Penal Zone, but quite possibly it's worse than expected for a number of reasons:

    - It's the start of the third season. Most people that have played the other two probably stick to the same platform.
    - It's the start of the third season. Most people that haven't played the other two would probably like to start from the beginning.
    - The game starts out extremely weird even by S&M standards. As a long-time Sam and Max fan, I love it, but for somebody who does not know the Comics, TV series or earlier games, it may be a little too extreme
    - It's buggy, and potential downloaders can see that in the ratings.
    - Buyers of the iPad version are not eligible for any of the cool stuff that came with preordering or regularly buying the series on the Telltale shop
    - There is no whole season discount on the iPad (there can't be, it's just not supported by the AppStore).

    There may even be a couple of people who first found it on the app store, but then went on to buy it for PC or Mac.

    All that said, I loved The Penal Zone on the iPad, and I would love to play the whole season on this device, which really feels like it was made for Point&Click adventures. So I'm hoping that I'm wrong, the different schedule has nothing to do with commercial success, but rather with an extended bugfixing phase and of course the uncertainities when submitting to the AppStore - sometimes the approval process can take some time (and believe me, I know what I'm talking about).
  • Alanshutko;322810 said:
    Right now, it's looking like the iPad is an experiment that Telltale gave up on.
    I'm not so sure about that:
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    Add me to the 'More iPad, please' list.

    I really, really like playing on my iPad, it's such a wonderful device for more intimate, story-driven games like adventures.

    You just sit there in silence with your game - no disturbing fan or hard-drive noise, no need for external peripherals.

    It feels more natural and intuitive to play a point and click game on a multi-touch screen, at least for me.

    Keep 'em coming, Telltale.:)
  • Puzzle Agent and Wallace and Gromit are the next games coming to the iPad apparently... There is no word on a release date for the remaining episodes of The Devil's Playhouse. They are taking more time to develop than originally anticipated.

    It's not from Telltale but apparently LeChuck's Revenge will be released on the iPad around July 7th.
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