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So, how long SHOULD I wait for a response to my support email?

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The sticky thread says allow 2-3 days, more on weekends. I emailed support back in May 23, got the automated response, and nothing since. I came to the forums, saw the sticky thread, searched through the spam and trash folders (nothing) and emailed again on June 17. Wait another week, scan spam & trash folder, and find out I'm apparently shunned by TTG support.
My best guess is that my email was somehow so incredibly offensive that any rep that saw it immediately quit his or her job, thus nobody could reply to it. Otherwise, I really don't understand this discrepancy with the amazing TTG support I heard about. It actually makes me glad I hadn't bothered sending the feedback I was planning on sending about S&M season 3, because it would've been a lot more insulting had they ignored content I actually invested a lot of time and thought into.
So, what gives? On the off-chance this gets noticed (contrary to the emails), the number thingie I got from automated reply was [issue-31393].
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  • Since they only have one full-time support employee right now, and have been getting a million support tickets per second for about 500 different things happening all at once out of nowhere, they're kind of swamped. Bonnie does her best but she's not superhuman. It might take a few weeks right now. Submitting extra tickets for the same issue just makes more work for her, so as long as you've received a ticket number, it's best to not keep sending emails, until you receive a response.

    And if your email is about the TMI Deluxe edition DVD not shipping, it hasn't started shipping yet. :p
  • It wasn't, but thanks for that. Nothing of what you said was known to me - I'm not a regular in these forums, I just read the sticky. Perhaps it should be updated? I got the clear impression I was deliberately being ignored, not that they're swamped, based on the information I could gather before posting here.
  • Normally, I would tell you what Freeman did, but you said May 23...
    This means something went wrong. Even now, it shouldn't take this long to get an answer.

    There is a strange problem that causes some people to never recieve the response, even if they did get the automated email. As far as I know this hasn't been fixed yet, so this is probably what happened.

    You should PM Bonnie with the issue number(s) and hope that she sees it and responds by PM.

    Hope you get this sorted out!
  • Thanks NeatNit!
  • Followup: I PMed bonnie as advised and instantly got a response, telling me that my original query was forwarded to someone else and that I should hear from him, with some compensation for the long wait. So that was good, except I haven't heard from that person, so after a couple of weeks I followed up with bonnie, and again no reply (not sure exactly how long it's been -- I don't know how to check my sent messages, the forum shows none).

    I really like TTG, but this is getting a tad ridiculous. I'm beginning to lean towards creating some sort of financial pressure to make someone in the top realise that customer support is also important.
  • Followup: Okay, I got a reply to my request from the TTG email. Somehow it fell between the cracks, but all's well that ends well.
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