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They stole max's brain - Finished thread *SPOILERs*

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Ok, so I did this for penal zone and forgot to do one for the tomb of sammun mak. At the time of posting, the new episode arrives in 9 minuets.

Basically, once you finished the game, come back to this thred, and we can discuss what we thought about the game. And scream about "NOW I HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER MONTH TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENED TO BABY JESUS CHRIST AND BABY AMELIA AIRHEART!"

Or something like that.

6 minuets. AWW DAMN!!! Here we go!
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  • tbm1986;331208 said:
    Was anybody not really puzzled as to how all those Sam clones came to be there? If so, plz enlighten us mortals who mouthed "wtf?" at our screens at that moment!
    This really feels like a tacked-on cliff-hanger, and does not have the, well, build-up of impending gloom like the ending of 302.
  • isn't the point of cliffhangers to make you go "WTF just happened??? i NEED to know how this ends!". Sure it seemed pretty random, but i'm looking forward to see how it's explained
  • I still can't figure out the answer of this one big question: how does Max's brain got stolen?

    Obviously both Skunkape and Papierwaite are involved, but:

    1) Who let Skunkape out of the Penal Zone? (Skunkape says he "was forcibly ejected", suggesting that the escape is not his own plan.)

    2) We know S and P are not on the best of terms. Who convinced them to cooperate, and co-ordinate them so that they can knock out the molemen, core out Max's skull, and grab the toybox within the interval when Sam was taking a leak?
  • Yay, nutty conspiracies! Besides, the cliffhangers always have a super-simple explanation. (usually) I'll bet that most of you guys are thinking too hard about this. It's probably something really stupidly simple, like the guys going to another odd reality instead of going back to theirs. (OK, maybe not stupidly simple but still...)
  • Following on from what Jaden said, I presume Papierwaite knocked out the moles. After Skun'ka'pe debrained Max, he sped off in pursuit of Papierwaite because he'd absconded with the Toybox. There was no co-operation involved at all until Sam appeared in the planetarium.
  • Originally Posted by Kayube
    The noir section made me think Phoenix Wright.
    I agree. Just figuring out when to say "You are lying" and and such. Oh and another thing, I though Papierwaite had a better role and Skun-ka'pe had a better puzzle fight (as I'm now refering to them as from now on :D) than in The Penal Zone.
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    Done since a while:
    Finally an Episode I can play on a Mac w/o lags and brakedowns, even on maximum graphic, and after changing locations, good job TTG.

    Regarding the episode:
    The Intro with Noir Sam was pure brilliance, but it was so good, it shadowed over the whole rest, I would have liked teh entire episode in a Noir Style.
    Sals voice Acting was just awesome, best new character since Satan himself.
    Yet the third act was wuite easy and to heavy on Rhinoplasty, althogh I relly liked Cloudy Max.

    Conclusion: great and Hilarious Writing and voice acting, yet to easy and not fully used gameplay.
  • This was still an excellent episode, I really enjoyed it, although, imo it was probably the weakest of the season so far. I just loved the fresh concepts that were introduced in Penal Zone and the innovative way you could play The Tomb of Sammun-Mak. That said, the opening scene was one of the best things TTG have ever done, imo. I also loved how the Rhinoplasty got to play a bigger part in Ep 3 and seeing that Sal was behind all of Stinky's cooking was absolutely hilarious! I think the voice actor is the same guy who played Keamy in Lost, not absolutely sure on that though.

    Overall, this season has been fantastic and I can't wait for episode 4, as yet again, TTG have given us another great cliffhanger!

    BTW - I've actually reviewed all of Season 3 of Sam n Max for This Is My Joystick if you're interested in seeing my perspective of the whole season.
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