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where's my stuff? Order # | Placed March 20, 2010

posted by angusto on - last edited - Viewed by 293 users
Hi, it's been three months since I placed my order, but nothing's arrived. What does it mean items backoredered?!?!

I sent TWO EMAILS. No answer.

Please let me know ASAP!

Order #600056437271935 | Placed March 20, 2010

Tales of Monkey Island Deluxe Edition
Tales of Monkey Island Season + Standard DVD
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  • The deluxe edition is just getting ready to ship out, it hasn't shipped to anyone yet, so don't worry. You'll get it soon. :)
  • When you ordered it it was very clear that it was a pre-order, meaning that it didn't exist yet and you were paying in advance for something that they will send to you in the future.

    Backordered means that they don't have it - it means that either they ran out and they're waiting to get more, or in this case - didn't even get the first batch yet, as it was a pre-order.

    Small comment - you'll get two DVDs, you know that? One from the Deluxe edition, and one that you ordered seperately.

    Did you get an automated response when you sent the emails? If you did, they when did you send them? If not, then your spam filters are on.
  • I have a dream .... and in that dream people read what they are buying before they give out their credit card information...... I have a dream that those people will read their confirmation email when they have a question... I also occasionally dream about flying and on some rare occasions wake up crying for no reason.... ok not really.
  • I dream that people will at least check if the next few threads on the forums address their problem before creating a new thread.
  • Yes I knew it was a pre-order. I just would like to know WHEN it is going to come. Yes I know I bought two dvds, I'm a collector. Thanx to SHODANFreeman for the kind answer.
    Best regards
  • ah...just to be precise: I got no spam filters. I'm sure because I received the automatic responses. My mails, that now are THREE, were sent on 22nd may, 30th may and 25th june. And still no answer. Seems I just got to wait, but why there's a support mail if they do not answer?
  • Yesterday i did receive my package and it looked like everything was just fine.

    I tested only the TOMI (no special Dingsbums da) dvd and it worked, btw i found the audio commentary a bit meh because for my taste is was too much kidding but too little information. Anyway, thanks.
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