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Colour code Car. Episode 5

posted by thegamedd on - last edited - Viewed by 837 users
Hey guys

I tried to change the colour of my car but I am unable to for somereason. I did use the right colour codes, but the reg stays the same, even with a different clour I need to do somethign before then?

is this a bug?
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  • I think I have the same problem.
  • I think the problem here is that thegamedd thinks that the colours of the car are changing with changing the colour (;D) But nope. It stays black-and-white. When you have the right order just try to go through the firewall...
  • Right. Well, after reading all this, I've noticed that my problem hasn't come up.

    When I try and change the car's color (I know that it doesn't actually change color :P) the part that is supposed to change, well, doesn't!

    [SPOILER]Basically, when I change the color, the number plate isn't changing, no matter what the combination I put in.

    It used to change when I first got the game, but now refuses to and is stuck on BRP...[/SPOILER]

    Can anyone assist with this? I'm not sure if its a bug or just me missing something
  • Thanks for that, but its still not working...

    [SPOILER]The numberplate on the other cars is GRB, so i enter this and nothing changes. Then, when I go into the superhighway, I still get an invalid checksum[/SPOILER]

    EDIT: Oh wait, i think i get what you mean... will try something else

    EDIT2: Well, that was incredibly straightfoward and alot less complicated then i was making it out to be...
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    Glad it worked.
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