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Politics in Sam & Max?

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Aside from the less-subtle references to various private body parts, I think the TellTale writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel for jokes. Maybe some fresh minds are needed. I was offended by the name used for the dinosaur exhibit in the museum. It shows a sophomoric view of politics that only mind-numbed liberals could possess. I'm waiting to draw my final conclusions about the likelihood that I will purchase another TellTale game - to see if there are any references to Doofus Pelosius, Rankus Reedius, or Hurlus Huseinus Obamanus. That would at least show a relatively balanced imbalanced humor. Gee, I wonder if this post will make it past the free-speech police at Tell Tale?
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  • Wizpig;334555 said:
    I'll just tag this thread and then pretend it doesn't exist.
    Gee, I wish that was so simple. But nooooo~, we have to bash each other. I wished someone locked it at the beginning. :mad:
  • Breakman;334620 said:
    Gee, I wish that was so simple. But nooooo~, we have to bash each other. I wished someone locked it at the beginning. :mad:
    Curse you, ineffectual free-speech police!
  • You know, I am sure there must have been some offensive anti-British or European jokes... I have a recollection of there being something in the latest chapter... I have always assumed that Sam and Max represented Republicans with a fear of Europe (maybe due to their firearms and I have always sensed a pro-America vibe). It never offended me, it was part of their make-up and kind of quaint and amusing in itself.

    Sorry for the lack of evidence and emphasis on assumptions, feelings and vibes. I ought to collect quotes as I play so I can support myself in discussions. My point is though, that as a Briton/European, the entire game is rife with points where I could take offence. But I don't because it's just a game and it all adds to the colour of it.

    Start censoring what topics they can joke about, and the game loses colour.
  • I dunno if Germany would be too pleased with Sam&Max's treatment of their highly amusing language ;)
  • well, Majus didn't complain, obviously.

    Yeah, I hate censorship because if something exists it is going to offend someone. People take offense to the dumbest things. So I say why bother trying not to offend anyone. It won't work
  • I get offended when I see games with names like "Ultimate Racing 8" and "Kill People with Lots of Different Guns 6" and a games shop with a million versions of that game splattered across the window and most of the shop so that nothing else is available to buy. :mad:
  • that's not offensive... that's overkill. In fact, over overkill
  • Score one for thatdude98. An actual, specific supporting fact. Thank you. You are obviously not a liberal. They usually change the subject when asked for facts. Or switch to personal attacks. But what do I know/ It's just my narrow-minded, hateful opinion.
  • Ah, aren't sweeping generalizations a hoot?
  • Yes, damn that omnipresent, omnipotent, omnifarious, omnivorous, omnidirectional...

    "T H E M"
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