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Robert Jackson keeps slipping in a Mojo Jojo with Skunkape...

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So I've replayed 303 a good number of times now, mostly because I love Noir Sam so much, and I couldn't help but notice that Robert Jackson keeps slipping into his Mojo Jojo voice when Skunkape gets pissed.

Was this intentional or accidental and you guys just kept those takes in the final game audio? Either way, it was great! :D
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  • My guess is that its just a little Robert Jackson slipping into each of the characters.
  • He didn't slip up when he was voicing the Sign Spinner or the Sea Chimps. Though I do find it strange that he used the same voice for Galeb in ToMI that he used for the Sea Chimps, but eh, it was a great voice nonetheless.
  • Huh. I knew Roger Jackson did Mojo Jojo, Winslow, and Skun-ka'pe, but I didn't know he also did Galeb and the Sea Chimps.

    Now here's the obligatory Winslow for the thread.

  • The credits are your friends when wondering who did the voices for whom. :D

    I mean, hell, I didn't know Ned Battey was the voice of Lotso in Toy Story 3 until I saw the credits. His voice was so disarmingly warm and inviting that I kind of didn't care whose voice it was. It was just so soothing...
  • It comes out again when Skunkape says "Banana breath? Banana breath!?!" line, especially the way he says "over" at the end.
  • oh yes, I heard it in Banana Breath. Other times I couldn't really see it as Mojo Jojo
  • I hate to be a stickler,'s bugging me.

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