Not receiving emails and have no status on my orders. issue-32848


I still haven't received any emails back from you other than the automated support response. This means I never received a single email about the online releases of the Tales chapters. On top of this, I STILL can't see the status of my orders on the website. Everyone else in the forums are talking about what their status is but when I go to where it should be, the invoice, it says nothing other than that I had ordered it.

Here is some information:

My name is Shawn Taheri
I placed my order on March 16 for the Deluxe Edition
Order #600054993313005

Please respond quickly.


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    You're not supposed to look at the invoice.
    You should see the status under the order.

    Are you sure you signed up for the emails?
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    That's where I've been checking. It is listed under past purchases and has no status. I am also fairly certain I signed up for the notification email. I signed up for everything but the weekly newsletter.
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