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want my money back order revoke.. no reply

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users
I have been very patient..

made posts.. pms.. emails...


its been MONTHS since placing it.. and i demand service.. ive asked about this for weeks.. no reply..

I want my money back.
plain and simple..

you have not updated me.. nor do you seem to care to... i just want my money back.. and if i do make future purchases i will not use codes of discount to do so..

Id rather have my items .. but.. seems no one can get on the ball and reply..

this is my 2nd thread.. still no resolution.
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  • To SHDN: Thousands of people knows that it was a PREORDER! We're not stupid ok?

    We don't want our orders instantly, we just need a REPLY from Telltale customer support! Hope you have enough capacity to understand that...
  • sorry im only piped up do to many other issues besides just the preorders. (even TESTING at telltale is horrible now.. dont know why.. but so many bugs that would or should never pass even the initial phase much less play tests.. if none of the play testers found half of the bugs I did .. WTF?

    and it seems telltale does surf the boards MORE than their own support (or filters it faster)
    maybe not or this would be modded.

    yes the best thing TTG can do is get ahold of me via email or pm.. ask about my order and cancel it..
    or see a future without THOUSANDS of more purchases...
    either way.. wont hurt them it seems so why bother.

    thanks for the last two comments both are sensable ..
    Calm down.. well check.. as long as flames dont keep popping up
    pale man loves to spike into stuff.. ahem.. shodan i mean...
    sigh (im to used to paleman sorry.)

    I know im a bit harsh and yes drastic, and highly and overtly bombastic and sometimes spastic but if i wear elastic I would be happy to tell you
    I just want the money back on my plastic.. or a ding dong or a hello or an pm or an email down below...
    but nothing as I sit and wallow....
    lawyers they are hard to swallow...

    so is a giant... hot dog.. but people do it..

    if any of that made sense.. good on ya mates...
  • Kaldire,
    Please provide your support ticket number. I have search through our mails with each other and I see no mention of you requesting to cancel an order.

    If this thread continues to get out of control, I will be forced to remove it.

  • I too have emailed to my hearts no reply.
    I understand the principal of preorder, what I dont understand is why I have heard NOTHING from the Telltale Customer services when sending various emails.....they don't seem to care now they have my money.

    I disagree that they should take my money without being able to give me a date for receiving the product.

    I have ordered from countless websites, both domestic and international and they take payment upon shipping, sometimes a deposit for the pre-order.
    However, I have paid over £30 for my order.

    ALL I want now is my money back.

    Not due to the length of time I have had to wait, I can deal with that. Purely due to the poor customer service has left me very disgruntled with them, so I no longer wish to buy.


  • threepgood,
    Turns out, I did reply to all your tickets. Please check your PM for more details.

    Unfortunately, I'm not able to refund your purchase. The order is past the 60 days that I'm able to issue back to credit cards/paypal and your order is shipping now. It's too late to pull from the dock.

  • The reason that TT's replies not getting through could be due to spam filtering - crapmail, sorry, hotmail are buggers for that.

    FWIW, I mistakenly ordered ToMI twice (meant to order the DVD), and asked for a refund - ok, so the reply from Bonnie was lengthly - this morning, my request was completed without fuss..... 5*
  • im starting to think pedster might actually be right..

    you got no reply really bonnie?

    no pms here either?

    of course i did not pm to cancel the order.. but for a reply on other matters..

    (ticket never existed as you replied from a previous ticket.. so might be there)

    as for out of control..

    glad you finally made it in. Im shocked even jake hasnt slapped this thread down..
    he still does work there right... havent let him go etiher?


    mod away.. at least then we know there is support.

    (i use gmail btw) i changed due to spam filters in yahoo that i had since its existence.(prodigy FTW!)
  • Mmm, I'm also still waiting for my order. In my user account it says that it will ship soon, but that message is there for over a week now. Total waiting time from pre-order to now is 9 months. Personally I think this is quite long, even for a preorder. But hey, if the package finally arrives well, I'll be happy...

    But to be honest, I have placed preorders at other companies, and most of them keep you updated about the status of the preorder and estimate delivery times. I did not get any mail from TT with a bit of info. Also, 9 months is by far the longest waiting period I've ever had for a preorder (and my box isn't yet shipped). I'm a patient person, and as I said before, if I eventually get what I order in a good state, I'll be happy. But I did want to mention my thoughts here... (that's what a forum is there for, no? ;-)
  • how 9 months?
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    9 months??? What did you pre-order?
    The Tales Of Monkey Island DVD pre-order started on March 11 (a little under 4 months ago) and it started shipping in mid-June (Standard Edition) or late June (Deluxe Edition).
    The Wallace & Gromit DVD pre-order started in early November 2009 (8 months ago) and the DVD started shipping in February (if that's the one you're worried about and you had nothing else in your order that might delay it, you are right to be worried and should open a ticket with Telltale support at [email][/email]).
    Those are the only two (three if you consider the 2 TOMI editions as different releases) Telltale DVD's that have been up for pre-order in the last 14 months.
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