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sam n max stole brain bugs

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 198 users
well sadly one thing has gotten a bit better and worse over time.
It seems many things escape testing phases of games that .. would never.. ever pass in standard corps and shouldnt pass for telltale

many of these are dialog issues(which are known) and lately in the newest episode.. its just worse..

dont know how many times the gun does this

this occurred in many episodes of every telltale game so far.. mainly MI and SnM(not so much on SB)

question is.. why are these things
A. not ever being fixed.. nor will they be..
B. not looked into heavily.. do you still playtest or not.. I mean even playtesters would catch stuff like this..

also dialog turns white after being exhausted sometimes.. even WHEN its not for a new subject.. just a flaw.

also the green pointer hinting you can interact with an object just stays stuck green until you move it to a special unknown spot.. depending on when and where it happens..

I have logs

also the annoying and dreaded analog stick ..staying stuck.. in the middle of the view..
thank god i said.. the first episode that this was removed in!...

any comments or was there a bug section I didnt see... already open. If so sorry.

(and direct this post thereith)


love the friggen games... always get better quality..and more insane.. love love...(just bug bug)

and im wondering if adding a bug as a guard into the game was a pun(as two bugs exist surrounding him) .. hmm
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  • I've only had regular sticks stuck on the screen in 301.
    Got 1 mega and a few normal in 302.
    Got 4(!) full-screen(!) sticks in 303.

    So I guess you just got lucky this time, since it's definitely not fixed... actually getting worse for me...
  • thats my point i was being sarcastic :P

    the ... meant that .. sorry XD its always getting worse ..

    hassat sorry if i made it to .. coded that i was being facetious cheers on ya mate for helping ..

    people please keep showing telltale that its not ok to leave the ANALOG CONTROLLER STICK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SCREEN ON A PC GAME.EVEN IF YOU HAVE SUPPORT FOR ONE.. u use the keyboard you should see nothing resembling a joypad
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