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24th June and no Puzzle Agent yet

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So when exactly are TTG going to release this game, I mean it is already the 24th of June and there isn't even a wink of hope that this game will be released in June, like they say.

That's the problem with TTG they give us, and you will all agree, excellent games but they always keep us in pitch black darkness about release dates.

Yeah they said June but you've got to be wondering if they are going to make it or not. Only six more days to go in June and as each day passes the window does too.

A proper dating system needs to be established OR the blog needs more posts with open and honest addresses for our forum based concerns. So say you or I post something like "when is the game going to be released? Is there now a static date for release?". Then TTG should go onto their blog and submit a new post answering our questions. Or at least release FAQ details.

Who agrees??
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