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Hot Hawks

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There's 15 gnomes, the carrying capacity of the birds is 17.

So, yeah.
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  • The first hint will really help you out.
  • Does it change the rules?

    If not, I don't see how it can help.
  • one of the blue birds is obviously too much. You just have to find out which one.
    And since the owl can only carry 1,5 gnomes per claw but there are no 0,5 gnomes this also means....
  • Yeah, this one was a pain. I figured I *had* to use all birds (since the previous required such) so it took me 4 tries before I finally thought about not using a bird, even if it defied the rules.

    And that was the solution... *sigh*
  • if it is ok to break this former rule, why is it not ok to break another former, but also not repeated rule which said that every bird was maxed out on weight? (there is a solution where one of the birds pulls equal weight on both legs, but does not max out)
  • Yup, that was one I tried too, before finding the correct "rule breaking solution" :p
  • Because of the arbitary rule that birds should be FULLY loaded, but don't *have* to be loaded (second being different from the rules before).

    All in all, it's a pretty badly designed puzzle.
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