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Do you want this game to be turned into a full season?

posted by Neelo on - last edited - Viewed by 5.1K users
So, do you want it? I would definitely buy it, I loved this game and am looking forward to other pilot episodes!
EDIT: There's a typo on the third option, it should be "and Telltale should focus on better games"
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  • Yes I want more.
    Im not sure how they will continue the story but a new mission and new town would be great
  • Yes! It was great. I really want to see more of Graham Annable's art style worked into the games.
  • Yes please! BUT HARDER PUZZLES pleeease :)
  • YES!!!! I need a thing to get me through the Professor Layton droute
  • I mean, if I got to choose between MI and this, then it would be pretty clear that MI would come out victorious. But I mean, if this can be produced w/o it taking a lot of resources from other games, then hell yeah.
  • I wont necessarily want one, but if one gets made I would get it when it's priced down...
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