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That dinner distribution puzzle - good but not-accepted solution

posted by Harald B on - last edited - Viewed by 4K users
I've seen a few people bring this up, and some other people disbelieving, so I thought I'd demonstrate just what the issue is. The puzzle I'm talking about is helping Glori get the right dish to each patron.The title is Diners and Dishes.
Here's what I figured is a (and in fact the only) correct solution:
Let's go through the rules on this one:
[*]Nobody ordered a dish resembling their spouse. Check. (but see below)
[*]One lady ordered a dish resembling the fish-eating man next to her. Check.
[*]The icecream is next to the ham. Check?
[*]Exactly one patron has a dish resembling him/her. Check.
The only way this solution can be incorrect is if onion-man and fish-lady are spouses, but then the setup is misleadingly incomplete.
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