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  • Hamill's Joker > all. That is the definitive Joker.

    I also think Tim Drake in the Animated Series and arguably, Teen Titans is a better Robin than any other. If a live action Robin was done more like that, or like the comics, I'd like it.
  • Chyron8472;338352 said:
    Really... it's about a man who dresses up as a bat to frighten his enemies, fights crime mostly at night, and lives in a place called Gotham City. It's supposed to be dark, not campy.
    Funny. A lot of people consider those things to be what makes it so campy and laughable. They criticise Begins and Dark Knight for taking the concept way too seriously. Most people I know and talk to consider Batman the silliest (yet awesomest) super hero ever.
  • Chyron8472;338352 said:
    That's the main problem with Batman Forever and Batman & Robin: they are catered more toward children, and have WAY too much camp as a nod to the Adam West Batman TV show. Really... it's about a man who dresses up as a bat to frighten his enemies, fights crime mostly at night, and lives in a place called Gotham City. It's supposed to be dark, not campy.

    Regarding Batman & Robin, watch the Nostalgia Critic's review of it. He's absolutely right about everything, especially the Bat-credit-card, Robin being a whiny brat and Poison Ivy saying "curses!".

    Regarding Batman Forever, I personally don't see how it could have ever been a success other than that people liked the first two movies and went at least once to the third one, thinking it might also be good. I am convinced that it is Jim Carrey's Riddler alone that saves this movie from being as stupid and infuriating as Batman & Robin is. Tommy Lee Jones is a good actor in general, but he's a terrible Two Face. Two Face was disfigured by acid being thrown at him in the comics, and he's crime boss. Crime bosses (especially Two Face in the comics) aren't known for laughing so maniacally that it sounds fake, and corrosive acid isn't known for turning the skin on your face into fluorescent purple plastic. I hated Tommy Lee Jones' Two Face. I also hated that they put fluorescent paint on the walls and the faces of people wherever there was gang activity. Tommy-guns look stupid when you affix circular neon lights to the cartridge. Also, Micheal Keaton is a better Batman than Val Kilmer. All of this was bad enough that Robin didn't bother me by comparison.

    Really, how was Batman Forever a success? That movie sucked really bad.
    I agree 100%, they are more aimed at kids, because if I was ever to watch them now I would definitely do a /facepalm and think, was was they thinking when they made this?
    I haven't seen any of the old batman for many years now, and I don't think I will ever watch them again.

    I can honestly say I don't even remember the slightest bit of what happens in the first batman, it was just that boring to me.

    Batman Returns I watched over and over, I liked The Penguin and Cat Woman. So I remember that movie to heart, as it was my favourite. Now a days I don't really give it that much thought.

    I agree with Batman Forever just being a terrible movie, Two Face was badly made, now the Two Face we see in Dark Knight is really scary. Jim Carry as The Riddler was just a wrong move on their part, I think I heard from someone that Batman Forver was quickly thrown together because Jim was getting crazy and wanted to do a movie. And yes, Val Kilmer was was a bad choice for batman.

    Batman and Robin I really liked as a kid, lots of fun going on in that movie and I laughed a lot. But now, I can see that the plot is really weak and Uma Thurman did a horrible Poison Ivy. George Clooney was the worst choice for Batman, I mean since when did Bruce's hair go grey so fast? Don't get me wrong I really like George, but not as Batman. Robin was doing my head in, and Batgirl/woman had an attitude that could drive me up the wall.
    The only thing that really saved it a little, was Arnold as Mr. Freeze. Just too bad the movie was so dull and the rest of the cast to be wrong.
  • Case in point for Two-Face (I have to do this. I really hated Tommy Lee Jones' portrayal.):

    Two-face from the comics:
    image image

    Two-face from Batman: The Animated Series:

    Two-Face from The Dark Knight:

    and... Two Face from Batman Forever:

    Tommy Lees Jones just looks retarded, and it's made worse by the fact that he laughs and cackles more than The Joker does. He's a crime boss. He's supposed to be menacing.
  • The most retarded thing to me about The Animated Series and Tommy Lee Jone's Two Face is that the split on their faces goes down IN A PERFECTLY STRAIGHT line. That's just horridly ridiculous. It looks so stupid...I mean it just..it...STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID STUPID!


  • Hmm, what are you saying my good sir? That it looks stupid? :p
  • No, that'd be too obvious lol.
  • That would just be stupid.
  • I think TDK looks stupid and fake too
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