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Ending Speculation Thread

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So we're all wondering exactly what happened at the end.
Why do the hidden people need Isaac?
Who called Nelson to Scoggins with the crossword message (the astronaut?)
Why did one of them help him with the final puzzle?
Are they good or bad? What are they trying to do?

All questions that will be answered if Telltale continue the season!
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  • The factory was expanding which was destroying the Hidden peoples habitat so they took him to the forrest and probably killed him.
    They helped Nelson with the final puzzle so he would open a path so they could get to Isaac
  • Maybe the hidden people need someone that can solve a puzzle that they can't, they took isaac as a bait for nelson, because they know he's going back for isaac
  • The Astronaut might've been a reference to Nelson's "image" of him in the spaceship. Maybe it was Isaac in the suit?
    What the hidden people were trying to do was stop people from building in the forest and cutting down trees (previously stated).
  • What was that whole space scene, was it meant to be a dream?
  • prizna;339345 said:
    What was that whole space scene, was it meant to be a dream?
    No, because gum you collected there is still usable after waking up in the lodge.
  • oh yea, your right, then how did isaac get out of the factory into the space ship or what ever it was?
  • It was definitely a dream-like state. Something to do with the Hidden People talking to him. I think there's a few layers to that section. It's not just a face-value occurrence.
  • I think I'd like it better if the hidden people actually turn out to be aliens. Or possibly time travellers.

    The idea of space and/or time travelling gnomes cracks me up for some reason.

    Could be that the new factory wing was getting too close to where they've hidden their ship.
  • I'm hoping that we won't see Isaac Davners again until much later in the season - I don't think Nelson would go against the FBI and search for him himself.
  • Well after the spaceship incident, they talk about letting your mind go and listening to the people. Is that what Nelson was doing?
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