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Public Wifi compatible with Telltale Activation

posted by holmja on - last edited - Viewed by 358 users
Does anybody have any suggestions for places I could go that offer free wifi that works with Telltale's product activation? I normally connect to the internet using my campus's network which, both wired and wireless, blocks whatever it is that telltales activation software needs to work; I always get the UNLOCK_EMPTY error. (I'm using a Mac, BTW) I'm hoping to get Puzzle Agent unlocked ASAP and my manual unlock support request (issue-33117) is still sitting in the backlog at Telltale (which is perfectly understandable, new release, holiday weekend and all that). I'd just like to be able to unlock my games without have to email telltale every single time a new episode comes out.
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  • Can you unlock it using the serial number on your 'My Games' page? Or does that still need to hit the server for verification?
  • All the telltale games I've played on my MacBook only have the option to register using my login info, or, on a separate tab, the option the generate an unlock code which needs to be sent to telltale (when I've played the games on a windows computer the options were different). There is no option to enter my serial number. I'm supposed to include my serial number in the email generated by the manual unlock option. Normally it only takes a few hours to get the unlock code, but, with the holiday and everything, I've been waiting two days now. :(
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    DjNDB Moderator
    As a quick workaround you can try tunneling your connection through hotspot shield during the unlock process.

    That should enable the application to bypass the ICMP echo blocking in your network.
  • Thanks DjNDB, that works great. I also don't have to put up with the spinning beachball for 2-3 minutes when I launch a new (not yet unlocked) game anymore!
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