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Ending Speculation Thread

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So we're all wondering exactly what happened at the end.
Why do the hidden people need Isaac?
Who called Nelson to Scoggins with the crossword message (the astronaut?)
Why did one of them help him with the final puzzle?
Are they good or bad? What are they trying to do?

All questions that will be answered if Telltale continue the season!
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  • I think I'd like it better if the hidden people actually turn out to be aliens. Or possibly time travellers.

    The idea of space and/or time travelling gnomes cracks me up for some reason.

    Could be that the new factory wing was getting too close to where they've hidden their ship.
  • I'm hoping that we won't see Isaac Davners again until much later in the season - I don't think Nelson would go against the FBI and search for him himself.
  • Well after the spaceship incident, they talk about letting your mind go and listening to the people. Is that what Nelson was doing?
  • I loved the contrast in the views out of the 2 spaceship windows.
  • elzbenz;339347 said:
    No, because gum you collected there is still usable after waking up in the lodge.
    Then again you can pick up gum in spots Nelson... well... can't really reach.

    So I don't think gum makes anything canon, and that space scene was just a dream.
  • tabstis;338896 said:

    Why did one of them help him with the final puzzle?
    Maybe they were not supposed to get to Isaac Davner and could not until Nelson solved that final Puzzle.
  • I think you're right on the money there, Mirko. The factory was closed down to keep Davner isolated, and the door was barricaded by someone on the outside. As we learn, the Lodge believed that the Hidden People chose Davner for something, and they believed that he needed to be protected from the HP. Hence, they locked him away in the factory. Davner was preparing himself to be taken by the HP, but it was going to be a long process. The Lodge believes that the HP speak to us in puzzles, and I believe we speak back to them by solving them. Davner was preparing himself to solve incredibly mind-bending, sanity-shattering puzzles, when Tethers burst in and let the HP grab him too soon.

    I'm not sure exactly what the People are, but I think the scene where Tethers is floating in the space capsule is interesting. Out one window, we see Scoggins and the factory; out another, the infinite cosmos. Between these two are Tethers and Davner. Tethers is in control of himself, but Davner can only speak in a chimpanzee chitter. I think this is more or less what the HP hear when we speak, and they tried to speak to Tethers as well here, since we get another puzzle.

    This interpretation gives a final chilling thought: Tethers was able to solve the puzzles he found in Scoggins, and the Hidden People used him to take Davner into their posession. However, they are also now aware of someone else who speaks their language, and apparently, quite fluently. Will they now come after Nelson, the same way they did for Davner? Will Nelson be prepared for it, or will he be dragged screaming for salvation as they carry him to wherever they go? And, most importantly, will he find gum there?
  • There is something behind the space theme for sure; the spaceman at the beggining, then the space "dream" sequence, and also notice how one of the things Isaac mentions during the last puzzles, has to do with the circumference of the earth and the moon.
    It could be random nonsense, but considering the other two space elements i think it isn't.
  • All along, Nelson was HELPING the hidden people. They called him to Scoggins with the crossword. He helped them reach Isaac Davners. They didn't do anything to him when he fell unconscious. I think this mystery would be solved in another episode...hopefully the final one.
  • But then why did they steal the gears from him? (2 times)

    I think they start to cooperate when they saw he was getting near Isaac.
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