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The Scoggins Puzzle List (a did you try... of sorts)

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Here's a list of all the puzzles I've been able to find in rough order of appearance. For completionist, discussion and quasi-walkthrough purposes.
Let me know about any missing or erroneous ones and I'll edit this post.
Plot puzzles:
1	Cracked Crossword	Office
2 Directions & Detours Outside hotel (Bjorn)
3 Room Key Confusion Hotel (Reception)
4 Wrangling Watchmen Factory (Sheriff)
5 Find the Fuse Outside diner (repairman)
6 Security Screw-up Diner (Sheriff)
7 Menacing Map Forest (Lobb)
8 Stovepipe Stumper Hotel (stove)
9 The Maw of Madness Hotel alley (Bo Murphy)
10 Changing Chairs Diner (chair stack)
11 Window Watcher Outside lodge (window)
12 Going After Glori Outside hotel (Snowmobile)
13 Screw-up in Space Space (foreman)
14 Perplexed Sock Picker Lodge (left guy)
15 Grickleback Baffler Lodge (middle guy)
16 A Quorum of Crows Lodge (Bjorn)
17 Locksmithing Learner Lodge (table)
18 Tracking Trouble Outside lodge (tracks)
19 Frantic Fish Lake
20 Snowmobile Snafu Lodge outside (snowmobile)
21 Master Locksmith Factory gate
22 Barrier Blot-Out Factory
23 Fire Up the Furnace Factory
24 Hydraulic Headache Factory

Optional puzzles:
1	Gnegative Gnomes	Hotel (Window)
2 Tapeworm Twister Hotel (Bo Murphy)
3 Arm Wrestling Redux Hotel alley (newspaper)
4 New Employee Error Outside hotel (Help sign)
5 Cut Your Losses Outside hotel (Closed sign)
6 Air-Mailing Diner (Steve)
7 Contraband Carriers Diner (Steve)
8 Hot Hawks Diner (Steve)
9 Bugs in Boxes Diner (Darryl & Darrel)
10 Rearranging Rations Diner (Glori)
11 Diners and Dishes Diner (Glori)
12 More Bugs in Boxes Diner (Darryl & Darrel)
13 Super Bugs in Boxes Diner (Darryl & Darrel)
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