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Ipod touch apps

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Hi guys!

Chat about your favourite ipod touch, iphone or ipad apps!

Also give full reviews about apps, discuss your least favourite apps and just have fun!

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  • my fave ipod touch app is dragon sword it is a rpg i got today
  • Currently playing:

    Real Racing- Shiny, fast-paced racing sim. Can't get enough of it.

    Glyder 2- Overwhelmingly beautiful visuals and intriguing gameplay make this the most epic experience since Super Mario 64.

    Labyrinth 2- Silky-smooth accelerometer controls and outstanding graphics are just icing on this big, beautiful user-generated cake.

    Stair Dismount- This simple yet intriguing ragdoll game really sucks you in with its charming graphics and sleek UI (that's User Interface for all you n00bs).

    Worms- A nice little (if not slightly watered down) iPhone port does not cease to amuse, but the wait for an update with online multiplayer is killing me.

    Toy Bot Diaries Compilation- Don't let this platformer's cute appeal fool you: this is a truly hardcore puzzle-adventure game. It's up there with games like Braid and Super Paper Mario.

    Oh, and whatever you do, never get Aqua Forest. Get Phyzios Studio for an alternative.
  • Super Quick Hook is pretty amazing, I believe. It's a sequel of sorts to Hook Champ, my favorite iPod Touch game by far. Not sure if I like it quiiiiiite as much, but it's still great.
  • I agree. Hook Champ is a lot better
  • Hector: Badge of Carnage - Episode 1- a full blown classic adventure game on iphone. Great humor (quite R-rated, so beware), beautiful graphics and animated cut-scenes.. and it's fully voiced. With its 3-4 hours gameplay is a must buy!

    Soul- just started playing this one and I'm enjoying it a lot. A bit different (and successful) take on horror games. Very interesting.

    Space Miner- a mix of RPG and arcade asteroids shooting. Great graphics, nice funny story (wild west in space) and enjoyable gameplay.

    pro zombie soccer- I'm not too hot about action/arcade games.. but this one is an exception. Fun and addictive as hell. Some of the best graphics i saw on iphone and all nine levels are merged with humorous cut-scenes and story. The only down-side is, that it's over a bit too soon.
  • Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile.

    On the iPod touch/iPhone it's only .99 cents. It receives significant updates to the puzzles. It is quirky and funny. Definitely worth the money.

    Minigore is pretty good as well. The commentary of John Gore is hilarious, though there is no storyline and only two maps, but lots of unlockable characters.

    If you like Solitaire, Solebon is amazing. It's really a high quality solitaire game, it has literally dozens of different solitaire variations.

    If you own an ipad and enjoy scrabble, it's a no brainer to get that. It's very good. They included the tournament word list, which allows swear words, if you play the game like that. (I do, lol)

    I use Drawing Pad for drawing on the iPad and Penultimate for handwritten notes. I ordered a stylus but it hasn't arrived, I can't give my opinion on it yet.

    I hear Monkey Island 2 is going go be released on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch on the 7th, that is bound to be good as well.
  • G.byrne;338982 said:
    Angry Birds by Rovio Mobile.
    If you like that, then you will LOVE crush the castle. Play it for free on the internet or get the app.
  • Phoenix Wright, Shazam, Pokemaker, Sam and Max Season 3 for iPad or when it comes out, Puzzle Agent.
  • Man, I'm a complete iPod App addict. It's almost become an addiction and it's starting to irritate my girlfriend a bit, haha.

    These are some of my favorites that I tend to throw the most random time into.

    WordFu: Old school App, but still one of my favorites. It's basically a "dice" game where each side of the die is a different letter. You pretty much just spell out words and flick the iPod to submit them. Pretty good for pick up 'n play.

    Veggie Samurai & Fruit Ninja: You use your finger as a samurai sword for both and cut fruits and vegetables in half as they fly up the screen. Be careful not to cut any of the toxic poison though or its game over. This is another awesome quickie.

    Words: This is basically Words with Friends for Facebook. I use it to play Word games with my girlfriend at night. She's been kicking my behind lately though. It's getting a little embarrassing.

    Dead Ball, Flick Football & Kick Flick:
    Primarily these are soccer games where you flick the ball with your finger. I actually play these quite a bit -- maybe it's because of the World Cup fever, but they're definitely a blast.

    Home Run Battle & Baseball '10: These two baseball titles are great. Home Run Battle is primarily a Home Run derby-esque game, while Baseball '10 is a Japanese-style title that allows you to create a hitter or pitcher and play a career with him. It has some cool mini-games as well.
  • Hector

    Amazing classic adventuring. Very challenging though.

    Espgaluda II

    Fantastic old-school shootemup

    Sword and Poker 2

    Bizarrely compelling mix of poker and RPG. Fills 30 seconds very well.


    Can't not have a tower defense game and this ties with

    Plants vs Zombies

    for the best one. Very different games though.


    Fantastic puzzle platformer with a frustratingly brilliant control system that no-one has nabbed yet.
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