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We want TOMI on XBL !!!!!

posted by Fliter on - last edited - Viewed by 5.5K users
I am maybe the only one on earth that is waiting for TOMI on XBL since the original release...

Why?!?! Because I have enjoyed so much playng S&M on the sofa with the joypad that I i just consider this as the only way to play TOMI...

Now TOMI has been released on PSN...


I am the only one here?!?!

What is that? It is an exclusive agreement with Sony?

It is incredible... xbox360 has only taken old & already (long time) released TellTale games...
PS3 get S&M3 and now TOMI....

Bad move Telltale...
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  • I hate how you have to wait for the download and then wait for the installation when you want to play a new game on PSN

    Oh, and it's really annoying when you're browsing the PSN store for an original PSN game and they won't offer you a demo or even show screenshots of the game, there is only text and a small icon.
  • MusicallyInspired;339365 said:
    Well, I for one prefer XBL because you don't have to pay tax on everything you buy. I've said it before, but to buy anything on PSN I have to buy a retail points card and pay retail tax and then pay tax AGAIN when I actually buy an item on PSN. Because of this I've not bought anything from PSN yet.
    You don't have a credit card?
  • No, I don't. Not everybody does.
  • Well, still its true, that Tales of Monkey Island would sell on XBLA good. Just take look on sales of Monkey Island SE - over 125,000 copies and it will be likewise with MI2SE this month. So ToMI would sell good, really. Atleast 50,000 copies should be problem, and that's 50,000x20 bucks, do you need calculator?
  • tonyskate;339415 said:
    Well, still its true, that Tales of Monkey Island would sell on XBLA good. Just take look on sales of Monkey Island SE - over 125,000 copies and it will be likewise with MI2SE this month. So ToMI would sell good, really. Atleast 50,000 copies should be problem, and that's 50,000x20 bucks, do you need calculator?
    No one has said that they shouldn't put it there, and the CEO of the company has publicly said that it's a huge priority to port the game there. There is really no reason for this topic to continue existing.
  • SHODANFreeman said:
    I don't want to talk about something, so no one should talk about it either.
  • thin029;339554 said:
    Every view on the subject has been expressed 10 times over, there is absolutely no need to keep driving the same points into the ground for pages and pages.
  • @Purple Tentacle

    Maybe the impression of the “know it all attitude" depends from the fact that English is not my mother tongue... And so I tend to write in less mediated way…
    Moreover, just for your own curiosity, I have spent 3 years of my life working on an Academic Study regarding Marketing & Videogame Market, but no, actually now I am not employed in into the videogame market.

    Anyway, I am still convinced that TT is a great Company for what concern the "contents creation" but not so great in regards of their business decisions.

    I will simplify things.
    TT is a Company that create niche-games based upon (more or less) popular franchises. Once they have created these contents, they obviously have to sell these contents to the larger audience possible.
    For them it will be not possible to sign an exclusive deal with a platform-holder because their game are not million units sellers.
    It will be also a true nonsense for them to sign a temporary-exclusive-deal with a platform-holder, because games (also the biggest franchises) as products will tend to lost their day-one-appeal once released on the other platforms, performing otherwise worse sales results in respect of a simultaneous release.

    In order to achieve the goal of selling the same "niche content" to the wider audience possible, the only way to go for them is to be a multiplatform developers. It is quite simple.

    So for TT it will be THE ABSOLUTE PRIORITY to develop an ENGINE that could perform “real-time” conversions between the different platforms. But after so many years in the business, it seems that they still haven't realized this simple fact. How can we call this situation? Do you agree that this is a very BAD business decision?!?!

    Then let's speack about MI.
    Monkey Island is a VERY popular franchise. It seems that the special edition has outsold (in terms of units sold) all the previous TT games released on XBL. It is a franchise much more popular and loved than S&M and W&G. Furthermore while S&M franchise is now around for a while, at the time we haven't new MI games in years.

    Again one years ago they could have also enjoyed and shared the hype & the marketing efforts of the Special Edition, and maybe the need of people for more & new monkey island games.

    It is more difficult to sell an year old game now. It will be more difficult when it will be 2 year old. So TOMI has waste a HUGE sales potential. And, again, this is THE MOST BAD business decision a Company can do.

    Let's go ahead. Again, if I HAVE to sold the contents I have create, my first goal it would be to try to make the contents accessible to a larger audience possible. And so where?!? XBL, ITunes, Steam, PSN etc… Do I have limited resources (as I have not a multiplatform engine even if I am a multiplatform company)? Well, I try to have these content avaiable on the better MARKETPLACEs first!!!
    This does not means that you do not have to release the content on PSN too… But at least work on priority!!! And for better marketplaces I mean (at least) the ones that grant the best overall sales results and higher number of people active on it (and people that have paid a subscription can be considered quite active...).

    Then, if you have a peculiar problem with the technical infrastructure of a determinate marketplace (for ex. no possibility of episodic contents etc…) at least gives your potential customers some love & create in advance the expectation the future release by stating that this particular version will be released as a unique game as soon as (gives a release date!!!) all the episodes will be released on the other platforms... Not doing this is a BAD business decision!

    As for my personal business plan I will try AT FIRST to sell MORE of the great assets/contents that I have already developed and I have ready-to-go in house. Let’s call it optimization. Waste money is never a good business decisions. And TT in its history have wasted a lot of money with their underperforming sales (for whay I have told before).

    In the end maybe I'm not nice to you. Sorry for that.. I also can understand that maybe you feel a sort of unconditioned love for TT. But this is not my case. All I have stated before are really simple and obvious considerations & facts that, to me, unfortunately bring to the same conclusion: TT are great content creators but they made a lot of business mistake and very bad business decisions.
    And you do not need to be a Marketing Guru or a Business Genius to note that!
  • Their engine is already multi-platform, since they've released games on all platforms, and they make all of them with their Telltale Tool. But just having the game for a certain platform is only the start. You need to bugtest the game entirely on every separate platform, increasing the time required linearly for every extra platform. Then you need to work out deals with the platform owners (in the case of consoles), again increasing the time and cost for every extra platform.
    With their monthly release schedule, they just can't do too many platforms at once. You can already see it a bit with 'Sam & Max Season 3'. Originally, they aimed to release each episode simultaneously on four platforms (PC, Mac, PS3 and iPad). Since the iPad version didn't run too well, they already had to drop that for simultaneous release. The episodes have had a few more bugs than other TT seasons, possibly because they have to release for three platforms at once each month, instead of the one they were used to previously.
    So 'just make the engine multiplatform' is far too simplified.
  • Fliter;340738 said:
    much text
    None of this makes me believe any less that you're a know-it-all.
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