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No font output on Mac

posted by -Hammerhead- on - last edited - Viewed by 863 users
Hi Guys,
I loaded today Puzzle Agent for the Mac and I got a lot of problems.
In the game are NO menus, NO dialogs and NO fonts. So it's completely unplayable.
Then I loaded PA for the PC and everything worked.
So ... does anyone else have the same problem, or maybe a solution?


Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language.

I'm using a MacBook Pro 5.5 with OS X 10.6.4
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  • Will;338228 said:
    Hey everyone, we've figured this out. This ONLY affects people playing the game on a non-English Mac. We are working on a patch and will likely have it up today or tomorrow, but in the meantime you can play the game by changing your system language to English. Sorry guys!
    This is not quite true. I have english set as my system language and have no summary text for my save games and no text on buttons in the menu. I do have dialogue text in the game. My spelling is set to Canadian English and my keyboard layout is Dvorak. I have tried changing the system language to US English and the keyboard layout to US but that had no effect.
  • Janichsan;340739 said:
    What about now?
    I'm confident that Puzzle Agent will be released this week.
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    This isn't the final solution and I assure you a real solution is being worked on, but here's something that I got working. It's a third-party application, but it's a useful tool for anyone fluent in more than one language on their Mac.

    Language Switcher

    Using this launcher, it will force-launch Puzzle Agent to English without changing your system settings. I already confirmed this on my Mac after switching to German as a system language. Don't worry about the launcher saying there's only English, it will launch correctly.

    I want to stress that this isn't the final solution and that a real fix is being worked on. Relying on a different application is not a solution. I know this will come back with some flames about using a third party application. Just know that this isn't considered the fix, but this will work for the time being.
  • This is a nice tool.
  • UPDATE! New Mac build is up. This only changes the foreign language issue that people were experiencing, so if you don't have that problem then you can save yourself the download. But you should now be able to run the game with text and so forth even if your operating system is in a different language.

    The new version of the file is called PuzzleAgent_Mac_Setup_v2.dmg (so you know you have the right version). The Steam build is also v2.
  • Do the save files get erased when installing the new version?
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    20_fox_05;342882 said:
    Do the save files get erased when installing the new version?
    Nope! They're stored in your ~\Documents\Telltale Games\ folder. Unless you manually delete them, they'll still be there working for you.
  • Thanks for the update.
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