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Quality of support

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Sorry! But my patience is over. I bought a ToMI Pack online. I had so many troubles with gifting this package. And now, the package disappeared from my games list. The money also disappeared from my bank account. Nice, really nice.

This is my current status. And this, for nearly two months! I wrote many support-request-mails, I posted into the forums, but I've never recieved an offical answer.

How can it be, that a commercially oriented company has such a bad support? Is there only one supporter for all the problems? What is going on?
I read the sticky thread about the overload of requests. I know, this can be problem. But in my oppinion it's a bit long, not hearing anything since the middle of may. And no, I have no spam filter! I feel simply ignored as loyal customer.

Really, you're creating awesome Monkey Island games. This is a shame, that there is such a bad aftertaste behind such a great series!

I'm really angry about that! And now my proposal and request to telltalegames:
Please Telltalegames, do something with your support!

And I'm not alone with this point of view. Simple read a few threads in the support forums for example!

Sorry for the rough sound, but it's really exhausting...

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