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Your Opinion on Monkey Island 2:Special Edition

posted by Wolfstar27 on - last edited - Viewed by 3.2K users
I love the remake so far, but one thing im really disappointed is the Monkey Dancing Intro, with the Monkey island theme (thats my fav theme version) and its not in the game, i mean what Monkey Island without the theme intro

Also im not to keen on Largo's voice,I perfer Dom's version he used on the April Fools Monkey Island

Bad news for Iphone users, It doesnt display in its full HD on Iphone 4, there isnt the commentry or art portfolio, and when you switch it to Original, you dont have the voices (in a way that could be a good thing,cause then you have an uptouched original version to play)

But so far, it is pretty decent, and i like it, i guess my true geeky fan-ness (if thats a word) is coming out, ok first its the hair in the 1st special edition, and now no Dancing Monkey Intro :(

what are your views on it guys
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  • akaimizu;342740 said:
    I got it on the iPad, actually.
    Swiping across the screen with 2 fingers works on the iPhone... maybe that's how it's done on iPad too?
  • Overall the voice acting is much better than it was in SoMI:SE, the only let-down for me is Stan's voice. Fortunately he's only playing a small part...
    Also I love how you can switch between classic and SE on a whim, it's great and I love the game. I almost finished it but I got stuck in the last part because I hardly got any time to react with the elevator and LeChuck at the end.
  • Ash735;342733 said:
    Looking at all the people moaning and complaining and somewhat bitching about this game,
    If people want to complain because they hoped it would be one way and it's another instead, let them complain. Complaining just for the sake of hearing oneself complain is one thing, but complaining about people complaining, even when their points are valid is no better.
    Ikzai;342730 said:
    Largo's voice is a let down because I've never, ever imagined him sounding like that. But I suppose once I got over it he was fine.
    This. I suppose he'll grow on me.

    I haven't beat the game yet, but so far I don't like the outside in Woodtick music. It sounds like they pulled the midi music from a computer with a really crappy sound card. Once you get used to the very-old-sound-card sounding music, it sounds okay I guess, but playing LCR in ScummVM sounds way better. At some point, I'm going to record the music in Woodtick and post an example.

    Also, when GB is wandering around in Largo's room (before using the bucket on the door) and Largo walks in and kicks GB out, the LeChuck theme starts playing on top of the in-Largo's-room music. Meaning, you can hear both at the same time. It doesn't last very long since GB gets kicked out quickly, but it's still a noticeable bug that bothers me.

    ...oh, but the SE version is great visually and audibly (except the way the left pirate on the log at the campfire's mouth opens and shuts... that looks dumb.)

    Wally's voice sounds somewhat different than he did in Curse, most likely cuz the voice actor is older now, but there were times in conversation with Wally where he said certain things, and I could definitely feel Wally from Curse shining through and it made me smile.

    But most of all... Dominic Armato IS THE MAN. Really. Hands down awesome performance.
  • Played it, loved it but it did seem VERY rushed.

    - Some of the instruments (main instruments) were playing very low, barely hearing them.
    - Animations were... weird sometimes and didn't correlate with the original ones (especially Guybrush's expressions)
    - Sometimes the text dissapeared after listening to the commentary track.
    - The commentary track was WAY too short!! And no explanations regarding the ending! Or other plans! Or anecdotes! VERY few minutes of talking about the REAL stuff we want to hear.
    - Largo's voice was not really what I hoped for. Dom is better.
    - The "tunnels" music at the end was not as impressive as I would've expected. They kept it plain and simple, with a poor choice of instruments if you ask me.
    - Everybody complains about the missing intro and the missing "50 things to do" list at the end, so I won't mention it again. But I WAS looking forward to seeing that in HD. Yes, even the list.
    - Two awkward bugs: one at Stan where you have to use the hammer on the nails, instead of closing the coffin first. Weird. And the other one, at the end when you have to give the handkerchief to LeChuck... you really had no time to do that! And my clicking skills are top notch! Ha!
    - Some sound effects were missing. (just a few, not very noticeable)
    - They totally rewrote some lines, and I'm not talking about the lines with numbers (such as the bottles of grog song). No. I mean lines that were funny! For instance, when Guybrush looks in the mirror, in the hut, on phatt island, in the original version he sang "I am pretty, oh so pretty". Now it's replaced with something like: "This beard looks really good on me". Why? Copyright problems?
    - The Bone song is out of sync. Badly.

    Oof. Okay. Now, besides all this, I really enjoyed the game and it's well worth the price so buy it, if you haven't already. What I did enjoy the most was:

    - The Cast's performance. Brilliant. It almost rivals with all the other games. Every single tiny little line of dialogue was perfect! Most surprising was Patrick Pinney. When you lock Stan in that coffin, this guy gave it his best. He's screaming, yelling, pondering in the most awesome way! I've never seen Stan, as a character, having these reactions and it suits him making the scene hillarious!
    - The music... with a few mistakes, it was great! Can't wait for the soundtrack!
    - The backgrounds... beautiful! I noticed a few pixels out of place here and there, but overall it's breathtaking.
    - The whole ending (Tunnel fight) was awesome.

    So, there's my verdict: BRILLIANT game, good HD thingie, buy it. :)
  • I just finished chapter 1, loving it so far.
    REALLY dissapointed they cut out the intro though :(

    After seeing that E3 trailer...I just want a 3D Monkey game with those graphics.
    That guybrush model is spot on:
  • I loved it, played through it twice already, once to drink everything in that was new, and again to do a speed run and get the achievements because for some reason, the first run through stopped giving achievements after the first one. I was disappointed to notice i forgot to kill guybrush the second time through :p my only gripe with the game is the out-of-sync bone dance and the mum's voice during it, just a bit grating on my ears, even if they made the dad's voice louder, and the mum's voice quieter I would be happier with it
  • Actually, now that I know how to do classic mode, the music isn't all that bad. I remember it actually sounded *worse* on the Amiga. Then again, it was because on the Amiga, MI1 sounded better than MI2 due to the change in the music delivery package. Going to iMuse, was where they dealt with the whole individual instrument switches, and they basically used some program to handle rotating the limited individual Amiga tracks to try to fit the music playing the parts. Needless to say, some instrumentation was cut out when on an Amiga because stuff like Adlib had more available tracks. They just weren't higher quality sampling tracks like the Amiga had.

    So in a way, the Amiga had the awesome sound for MI1, but MI2 clearly sounded better on the PC. Well, certain PCs. This is kind of how I remembered the PC version, but then again, I played it back then and those Sound cards would be considered ancient now.

    On the other subject of why not utilize the whole iMuse thing, I can understand now. They'd have to record the live musicians the same exact way in order to pull it off so I can see that would be quite tricky. The way they have it now, when you switch back and forth, the song (down to the instrument) is at precisely the same spot without no break. I mean, it smoothly transitions between live version and this midi-like version continuously playing the music as if you're really hearing two versions of the song being played at precisely the same time and someone used a DJ crossfader.
  • Okay, the gripes first. First off, they changed so much that I'm going to have a hell of a time determining the rules for using it in the race. Then there's the obligatory missing intro and "do something constructive" text, though I'd like to add that I'm also upset that they screwed with the credits in classic mode, so unlike Secret, we can't just switch to classic and see the old credits. And the timing, holy crap. For example, Guybrush took his sweet time to move the flags and nail Stan's coffin, but Stan and the spitmaster didn't give him a very big window in which to start. And there were multiple times where LeChuck teleported me to a room just to walk into the new room instantly, and this would happen 3 times in a row.

    And now the praise. The game was beautiful, most of the music was great (as long as you stayed out of classic mode), and the voice acting was amazing. Earl Boen was great as usual, and I would put Dom's acting in the tunnels on par with his amazing performance during the endgame of Tales. He especially nailed the Luke Skywalker imitation.

    So how would I rate it overall? Hard to say. It exceeded my expectations in so many ways but let them down in so many others.
  • It's great. Well worth your $10. The only things I'm unhappy with are the botched classic soundtrack (with a little more research they could have made it perfect), the completely missing theme that's supposed to play in the Dinky Island Jungle screens, and the missing instruments in various instruments. Overall I'm quite happy.
  • Chyron8472;342774 said:
    If people want to complain because they hoped it would be one way and it's another instead, let them complain. Complaining just for the sake of hearing oneself complain is one thing, but complaining about people complaining, even when their points are valid is no better.
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