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The Sam and Max-DeSoto

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Hello there, everybody!

I always wondered, what kind of DeSoto exacly Sam and Max own. Doing the research to answer that question, I got the Idea, that Sam and Max changed their Desoto (bought a new one or stuff) before Season one begins (or the designers didn't work carefully, which i don't assume)..

So, firstly there's another Logo on the Side of the car.. Before Season 1, there ALWAYS was a STAR (different stars sometimes, ok, but a star), like here, on the cover of htr.. And well, looking at that cover, another thing appealed to me: In season one, they drive a cabriolet. Before, it's always a normal car.. It may look as if they'd drive a cabriot on the htr-cover, too, but that's the windows -> In the game, you can see the roof, like here ->

Well that about the different car in Season one.. but hey, perhaps they took a saw and sawed the roof off? (and oversprayed the star)?.. No, they didn't, because the season 1 desoto seems to be a completely different model.. watch that: and compare it to the htr-desotos above.. the rear is a LOT bigger than in htr.. Also, it looks completely different than the one from the DeSoto Firedome, which i first guessed to be the sam and max-desoto. Like this one: But that can't be true at any point, cause the firedome always got 3 seperated lights on each side (as you can see on the picture).. The Sam and Max Desoto hasn't, which means, it must be after 1960-desoto, because every desoto in a long time before had those 3 lights... So it HAS to be a 1960-fireflite or an 1960-adventurer (The 1961-adventurer has different front lights).. In MY opinion, it HAS to be the fireflite, because the adventurer is much bigger than the sam and max-desoto.. But since season 1, the sam and max - desoto is also got much bigger, and it looks more like an adventurer, if you just look at those 2 opportunities, because in fact, i think the season 1-desoto doesn't look like an existing DeSoto at all! (because of it's giat rear)..

however, what do you think?
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